Zifa crisis: councilors swear to expose suspended board members

By sports journalist

ZIFA congressmen, who were pushing for the removal of the Zifa board led by Felton Kamambo, pledged to expose the latter’s alleged corrupt activities despite Fifa’s decision to suspend the country from international football .

Football’s governing body Fifa last week dropped a bombshell after suspending the country from international football over alleged government interference following the Commission’s suspension of Zifa’s board Sports and Recreation (SRC) last year.

World football‘s governing body has dismissed allegations of embezzlement of public funds and sexual harassment of female referees leveled against Zifa executives and said it will only lift the country’s suspension if Zifa officials are reinstated .

The CBC, meanwhile, insists it will reverse its decision.

After Fifa slams charges against suspended Zifa board members as ‘mere allegations’, association delegates pledge to speak out against corrupt activities at football’s parent body local.

North Zifa Region Division 1 Chairman Martin Kweza, speaking on behalf of Zifa advisers, who were seeking to revoke the tenure of embattled leaders, said they found their suspended counterparts had a file to answer.

“Members of Congress, following the CBC’s suspension of the entire Zifa executive, have opened separate investigations into the allegations made. It was established that there was indeed a prima facie case to be answered,” Kweza said in a statement.

“Members must provide documentary evidence of how the Kamambo-led board was siphoning off football money for personal use using companies of friends, associates and some members of congress. Banning Fifa will certainly not prevent Congress from stamping out corruption in football,” he said.

Zifa members have announced that they will soon hold a consultative meeting with football stakeholders to discuss the way forward following Fifa’s decision to suspend the country from international football.

“We want to inform the football family that the members who called for the EGM (Emergency General Assembly) will soon convene an emergency consultative meeting to discuss the Fifa ban in detail and pronounce our position on the way forward,” wrote on behalf of advisers.

“What needs to be very clear is that our football does not deserve leaders who call for their country to be banned. We reiterate that Congress believes in dialogue and will soon engage all relevant stakeholders, including the SRC , CAF and Fifa, to protect the interests of Zimbabwean football.

Zifa’s advisers stressed the need to continue domestic competitions while stressing the need to find solutions to alleviate the financial challenges faced by local clubs due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In doing so, we would like to assure the public that the ban does not in any way affect, suspend or prohibit local competitions which are to continue as normal. We are aware of the serious financial challenges that affiliates are currently facing in due to the devastating effects of Covid 19. To this end, we will engage the government through the RSC for financial support,” he said.

“We are fully aware of the full impact of this ban and the urgent need to institute the necessary reforms that will propel our football into the desired new trajectory through an agreed roadmap. We remain committed to an amicable solution that will serves the interests of all parties involved and firmly believe in building bridges with the SRC, Fifa and the government.We hope that the main stakeholders will come together quickly and resolve the current impasse.

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