Zaha Hadid Architects Wins Chinese Arts Center Design Competition

The London firm beat an undisclosed shortlist in the two-stage competition to win the Jinghe New City Culture & Art Center commission.

Its building will include a media library, a performing arts theatre, multifunctional rooms, studios, exhibition spaces and outdoor courtyards and gardens.

The project will transform a site near the Jinghe River north of the region’s capital Xi’an – the historic starting point of the Silk Road – and is part of a larger master plan for a new science district and technology Jinghe New City.

The nomination comes a year after a consortium led by Grimshaw beat ZHA and others in the competition for a new integrated transportation hub at Shenzhen Airport in China.

Last September, ZHA won a competition to redevelop Vilnius station and its neighborhoods in Lithuania.

Architect’s view

The design of the center intertwines with the city’s existing urban master plan to connect the new media library north of Jinghe Avenue with the new performing arts theater, multifunctional halls, studios and exhibition galleries to the south via elevated courtyards, gardens and paths that cross the avenue. eight traffic lanes below.

With gently sloping ramps providing a gateway to the neighborhood’s network of elevated public walkways, the center weaves its way through the city to connect its commercial and residential districts to parks and the river to the south, while bringing residents of the city ​​at the heart of the building. and offering direct access to the planned metro station.

Organized as a series of flowing volumes, layers and surfaces interconnected with courtyards and landscapes, the design defines a sequence of indoor and outdoor cultural and recreational spaces for its community.

The terraces of the media library overlook its full-height atrium with diffusing glass roofs to offer varied public reading spaces for individual and collective research. The library will integrate print publications as well as immersive virtual reality technologies that push the boundaries of learning and enrich knowledge exchange.

The Performing Arts Theater is located on the south side of the avenue, seats 450 people and can be adapted to many types of events. The multifunctional hall, studios and galleries are stacked and arranged around the theater to share public spaces designed to enhance accessibility and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Solar irradiation analysis and responsive site planning optimize the center’s use of natural ventilation and daylight in Jinghe New City’s mild temperate climate.

The center incorporates photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity on site as well as the collection of rainwater. Its construction will favor locally produced materials with a high content of recycled content to obtain a 3-star certification under the Chinese Green Building program.

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