Yankees at a major disadvantage in Toronto due to Canadian health laws

If the New York Yankees lose a Wild Card spot to the Toronto Blue Jays by a game or two this season, they can thank the Omicron variant.

[OK, fine, and also Brian Cashman.]

With a list that a generous person could currently classify as “full of holes,” the Yankees can’t really survive more than a few disastrous injury stings and stay competitive in 2022 – at least, not so completely built.

Therefore, it is just to be preemptively frustrated with what appears to be an unforced error to come.

On January 15, and for the foreseeable future, unvaccinated athletes will no longer be allowed to cross the Canadian border, spurred on by the unhindered spread of Omicron.

That would leave the Yankees, uh, considerably short of a crucial AL East showdown list.

The Yankees could lose all unvaccinated players in the Toronto Blue Jays series.

OK, full disclosure: of Classes the Blue Jays are at a more disadvantage here, as they will have a Kyrie Irving-like decision to make regarding any unvaccinated player on their listing. Send potential stars home for a year, or use them for 81 road games per season?

Or, perhaps, Toronto can argue for the same kind of weird exemption that the city of Boston gave its basketball players.

We’re writing about the New York Yankees, however, so it’s worth focusing on the bombers that could potentially be taken out of action in three crucial Highway Division rounds this year.

When Aaron Judge tested positive for COVID-19 in the summer of 2021, he missed more time than his teammates, the players than us. to know have been vaccinated. When questioned at close range about this discrepancy, the judge declined to confirm whether he had received the shot, saying: “I’m not going to go into this,” he replied. “This is something that I like to keep talking to my doctor about. “

Upon admission to facilitate his return to the team at the end of July, the judge was any further delayed by a few “appointments”. Was it just a protocol? Were they Shot 1 from Pfizer or Moderna? We just don’t know, but it would be nice to have 411 there as the Toronto mandate approaches.

And then there’s Anthony Rizzo, who may have resigned and declared his unease with the vaccination last summer before his acquisition, due to the unknown and his previous cancer treatments.

At the end of September last year, the Yankees rallied with Blue Jays ace Robbie Ray behind home runs from Rizzo and Judge in the game that ultimately made the difference between making the Wild Card and completely missing out on baseball. ‘October.

This year, from that moment on, such a rally would not be possible.

Brief solace can be found in the fact that the Yankees are not the Red Sox and are not below the 85% immunization threshold, but that reassurance will only last a few minutes once you realize how monumental the potential losses could be. Year 3 of the coronavirus directly affects a team’s chances of winning a title … as soon as Gerrit Cole’s signing became official, things really went off the rails in the craziest way possible, eh?

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