Why Aston Villa’s disallowed goal against Leicester was the RIGHT decision under little-known rule

ASTON VILLA and his supporters were furious when they were denied a goal against Leicester City this afternoon.

Renards goaltender Kasper Schmeichel tried to get the ball back with a header as home side Jacob Ramsey also connected and struck from close range.


Jacob Ramsey was denied a goal for Aston Villa against LeicesterCredit: Sky Sports
Kasper Schmeichel was found guilty of a foul and controlling the ball


Kasper Schmeichel was found guilty of a foul and controlling the ball

But Villa’s celebrations were quickly interrupted by the intervention of the VAR.

As the reruns showed, the City keeper had a hand on the ball when Ramsey made contact.

After a video check, it was then determined that the Villa star had fouled Schmeichel.

The decision left fans, players and viewers at home confused – but according to Law 12 of the Laws of the Game, it was correct.

Schmeichel had his hand on the ball while it was on the ground but didn’t seem to have it under control.

But that didn’t matter because Law 12 makes no reference to whether it appears the goalkeeper is in control of the ball.

The law states: “A goalkeeper is considered to have control of the ball with the hand (s) when: the ball is in the hands or between the hand and any surface (eg the ground, his own body) or touching with any part of the hands or arms, unless the ball bounces off the goalkeeper or the goalkeeper has made a save.

Reruns on Sky Sports then revealed that Schmeichel had the ball for a twelfth of a second.

Fortunately for Villa, it didn’t matter as Ezri Konsa won his second of the game to seal a 2-1 victory for Steven Gerrard’s side.

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