Watch: Georgia Bulldogs’ football engagement Mykel Williams turns into full defensive prospect


COLUMBUS, Georgia – The first collective eyes of spectators could see from Mykel williams Thursday night, it was offensive and then …


The coveted pass runner, ranked among the top 20 rookies in the college football class of 2022 by SI All-American, had two defensemen on the dirt in his first two attacking shots. One was a straight block, while working as a tight end, and the other was on a pull and then kick (against another Power 5 rookie, no less) in which the short-area blast created an audible gasp.

The 6’5 “, 255-pound prospect then worked on the ball side that we expect to see prevail in college, defensive end. Working both as a standing player and with his hand in the dirt despite a heavy cast. glued to his right, away talent was on display all night long despite his Columbus (Ga.) Hardaway side falling to Crosstown rival Carver High.

Williams first attracted attention with his frame. Apparently he added some good weight from the offseason camp circuit, while maintaining a relatively lean and long build in the process. On the hoof, he looks like the type capable of working on the outside in any defensive scheme, with enough quickness to challenge blockers on the edge and enough build and power to take on bigger blockers on the outside. offensive interior.

As the night wore on, the game continued, but so did the engine. Often times in this business the focus is on flash games, the cap, and long term potential – but there is still something to be said for the effort. Williams worked both sides of the ball, battled the cramps on a cool night, and kept pushing, even with the score out of reach. As a blocker and defender, the future Bulldog worked the whistle with physique and purpose, a characteristic that creates the benefit of the doubt at any level of the ball.

The discipline was also in the spotlight on Thursday. Williams was often on the run, typical of a top-notch rookie over a span of several years, so his keys against running became his sold path to football. Carver ran a lot of zone read, with action away from his position, forcing him to play from the back for the quarterback’s dungeon or the running back’s reduced lane. Not only did Williams diagnose well, but he maintained his influence, showed patience, and attacked afterward.

When Carver tried out the traditional diving action to or from his side there was no hesitation and Williams consistently worked all the way down the line for impact plays against the ball carrier. An early stop came on a fourth down, creating the first of what would be four Carver turnovers on the evening.

Where Williams seems just as comfortable is against the pass. Not only does he shoot football with contractions and timing, but there seems to be a diverse plan near the touch point. Staying low, rushing to either side of the lineup, Williams executed a bull run, club and tear and even an effective spin at times on Thursday. He reduces the distance between his assigned blocker without losing movement and can subsequently mix pressure styles to block tackles.

Where there is room for improvement in the fast passing game is the complexity of the moves and the layering against better blockers. Williams got a few hits on the opposing quarterback, who was extremely mobile, knocking him out a dozen times. With its build and reconnaissance ability, additional techniques like a push-pull, swim, or even reverse scramble could allow even more production during transmissions. Keeping the toolbox enlarged as it adds more mass will also hint at its future position.

The combination of his size, versatile strengths, overall length, and athleticism makes the projection of Williams’ stance a bit changeable. In the offseason, our staff focused more on the projection of a 5-technique or traditional 3-4 defensive end, hence the label “inside defensive line” attached to his name as opposed to an “edge” label. There is counter-running consistency in both block-taking and scouting, while there are enough reverse passes to move him up and down the line.

When the final SI99 rankings are released in January, Georgia’s entry could come close or stick to its IDL position, but it is unlikely whether or not it will be among the best in the country for either. the other place.

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