Ugboaja backs Igoche as chairman of NBBF – The Sun Nigeria

A former Nigerian international basketball star, Ejike Ugboaja has rallied his support for Igoche Mark, as the duly elected chairman of the Nigerian Basketball Federation (NBBF).

Ugboaja, a former player representative on the federation’s board, said all players strongly support Igoche in his resolve to revive grassroots basketball in the country, adding that the players support his programs to bring a real change to the administration of basketball in Nigeria.

“As a former player, and a true player in the game, I share Igoche’s dream of repositioning the administration of basketball in the country. All the players are united behind him because the game has long been neglected at the base” , did he declare.

The former NBA star added that those who currently administer basketball in the country do not seek the development of the game at the local level, but would relish it to boost their image and neglect players who, it was said. -he says, feel the pain of the lack of national competitions.

“Igoche’s coming is good for the game because not only did he play locally, but he was a huge supporter of development basketball in the country. Those who ran the affairs of NBBF before did nothing to develop the game. But with Igoche, players are assured of regular local competitions which will improve their ranking,” he said.

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