The Fiji Times »No rugby – Fiji Rugby Union cancels all competitions


The Skipper Provincial Cup, Vanua and women’s rugby competitions will not continue this year.

It was after the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) announced that it would not resume domestic competition for 2021.

“After extensive consultation with all stakeholders and after discussions with unions and taking into account that World Rugby and Fiji Rugby return-to-play protocols require a minimum of 5-7 weeks of training per contact prior to any competition that will take us to the beginning of December, so it’s impossible to start and end any form of national competition safely this year, ”confirmed GM John O’Connor.

“Even though we received approval and certification for our ‘Safe Return to Training and Play’ last Friday, after extensive consultation and careful consideration, we have decided to cancel all of our domestic competitions for 2021. “

Due to the significant delays caused by the postponement of the COVID-19 competition for five months, a workable timeline for lining up an appropriate play schedule seemed unattainable. O’Connor stressed that the well-being of the players is also paramount.

“We have taken the welfare and safety of the players seriously into account, especially since there has been no training in the past six months and the importance of ensuring that strict guidelines are adhered to. We plan to launch our competition early next year in March and have urged unions to focus on their off-season training and prepare accordingly. “

Fiji Rugby continues to urge all of our affiliated unions to update the immunization status of everyone involved in their respective unions and to ensure that there is a process to support the keeping of this immunization data and also have a process to ensure full compliance with all COVID-19 restrictions before starting any competition.

Plans are in place to host the Super 7s Series final tournament in November with details to be confirmed.

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