Some “Scent of Speech” contestants have been judges in other global competitions

RIYADH — Some of the participants in the ongoing TV show Otr Elkalam (Fragrance of the Word) have served as judges in various international contests, reflecting the status of the contest and the high value of its prizes.

Although they have already judged contestants in Quran recitation and call to prayer competitions in several countries, these contestants have gone from being evaluators to competing in Otr Elkalam in hopes of winning the one of the first places in the biggest championship of its kind in the world.

The competition is notable for the high value of its prizes and the participation of teachers and qaris (reciters) from some of the well-known Quran memorization schools as contestants. These special candidates include, among others, the Egyptian Sheikh Mohammed Al-Awadi, who has been an evaluator in many Quranic competitions and a teacher of Hifz (memorization) for around 400 students. Syrian candidate Mutasim Billah Al-Asali has also been a judge in many competitions around the world.

Otr Elkalam, the international Holy Quran and call to prayer competition organized by the General Entertainment Authority (GEA), has achieved outstanding success a few days after the launch of its qualifying rounds, which are broadcast daily on the show Saudi TV’s Otr Elkalam at 5 p.m. , Riyadh time, as well as the Shahid platform.

In addition to the distinctive recitations, the contest features an exciting rivalry between viewers who have watched past episodes featuring 12 contestants in the two branches of the contest – Quran recitation and Call to Prayer. A large number of viewers reacted to the contestants’ stories with details of their lives before the preliminary rounds took them to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to participate in a competition that combines, for the first time, the recitation of the Quran and the call to prayer.

Otr Elkalam is the largest competition of its kind in terms of prize money, amounting to SR 12 million ($3.2 million), the number of competitors in the first stage – more than 40,000 competitors participated in the preliminary rounds , in addition to an elite jury consisting of 12 experts in the fields of the Holy Quran and its recitation. —SG

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