Society for Science Offers Exclusive Opportunity to Advocate America’s Future STEM Workforce

WASHINGTON, December 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Society for Science (the Society) announced today that it is seeking a new title sponsor for the organization’s national college STEM research competition.

Inspiring college students to explore STEM pathways is essential to building a strong STEM workforce for the future. Research has repeatedly shown that middle school is a critical time to influence students’ knowledge, attitude, motivation, and professional interest in pursuing future STEM career paths.

The Society’s College STEM Research Competition engages and inspires young scientists, engineers and innovators who will solve the world’s most intractable problems. The program reaches a wide range of students from all over United States, inspiring and engaging students in rural America and urban cities, and encouraging young people of all cultures and backgrounds to build an inclusive STEM community.

For the past decade, the Society’s National College STEM Research Competition, currently called Broadcom MASTERS, has been supported by the Broadcom Foundation at $ 2.2 million annually. The 2021-2022 program cycle will complete the very successful 12-year Broadcom Foundation partnership and open up an exciting new opportunity for a new sponsor to build on the success of this first college STEM research competition.

“The decade-long partnership between the Broadcom Foundation and the Society is built on the shared belief that the science fair experience inspires college students to follow their passion and choose high school electives in STEM including they need to open up exciting study and career opportunities, ”said Paula Golden, president of the Broadcom Foundation. “The Broadcom Foundation has every intention of continuing to support the science fair community, as we know firsthand that the alumni of the competition are poised to solve the great challenges of society as scientists, engineers. and next generation innovators. “

From 2017 to 2021, an average of 65,000 college attendees attended approximately 275 company-affiliated fairs across United States. Affiliated fairs are members of the Society for Science’s network of science fairs. These competitions, which exist in nearly every state, are held at the local, regional, and national levels and are affiliated with the Society’s College STEM Research Competition.

The top 10% of 6 studentse, 7e and 8e grades at each affiliated fair earn the opportunity to apply for the college competition. Students submit online applications for their research and science fair experience in mid-June, and the top 300 are selected as semi-finalists. Thirty finalists are selected from among these 300 to compete for more than $ 100,000 in price in October of each year in Washington DC.

“College is a period of training in the life of young people,” said Maya ajmera, President and CEO of the Society for Science and Editor of Scientific news. “It’s a time when they start to determine their interests and aspirations. Through our college science competition, the Society is able to provide these young people with the confidence and support they need to continue their STEM journey in college and into their careers. must invest in these young people now, for they are the ones who will solve our world’s most intractable problems. “

The title sponsorship provides an unrivaled platform to advocate for a future diverse STEM workforce and directly support college students, their schools, teachers and parents in their local, regional and national communities. The Society’s National STEM Middle School Research Competition attracts national media attention in major media outlets across the country, giving the title sponsor unique and meaningful exposure.

The title sponsor of the college STEM research competition will be co-branded with The Society, a historic institution with a global legacy of promoting and advancing all sciences, providing an unrivaled platform to inspire next generations of entrepreneurs. , innovators and science leaders while presenting your organization as a champion of STEM education and thought leader, playing a vital role in advancing science for humanity.

The Company, in collaboration with STEMconnector, the leading national research-driven professional services organization dedicated to developing a diverse and STEM-ready workforce, will initiate and manage a competitive process to find its new title sponsor. for the National Colleges STEM Research Competition.

“Through investments in programs like the Company’s middle school science competitions, companies have the opportunity to transform our future,” said Jo webber, President and CEO of STEMconnector. “Our world is increasingly dependent on STEM, and making sure our workforce has the skills to propel us forward is critical.”

A request for proposal is available at Interested entities should visit the site to learn more about the sponsorship opportunity and the bidding process that opens today and ends. January 31, 2022.

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