Racine Raiders football suspends Michigan team 70 in blowout win

ROOT — The home side’s scoreboard lit up with a 70-burger on Saturday night.

“A hamburger at 70? Really really.

The Root Raiders enjoyed themselves in front of a crowd of over 500 in a 70-0 shellacking of the tour Seminoles of Grand Rapids, Michigan. With the win, Racine improved to 6-2 on aggregate.

Stanley Azor, about to recover a fumble. – Credit: mike ramczyk

To put it into perspective, the Raiders mostly had their full roster — or at least a good 50 guys — on the sidelines. The Seminoles, not so much.

The team on the field was an amalgamation of different players from several Grand Rapids area teams, all coming together to form the Seminoles. This was evident in the many different helmets worn by the players on the visiting team as well as in their gameplay.

Although they fit 17 guys, forcing most players to play both offense and defense all night, they still made the four-hour trip. A 42-0 halftime lead quickly led to the clock just two minutes into the second half.

Unworthy opponent or not, a win is a win for the Raiders, who won’t return home to Racine’s historic Horlick Field until July 16.

Travis Seidler strips the ball. – Credit: mike ramczyk

No matter the score or how unbalanced the game was, pancake blocks are still pancake blocks. Any time a grown man is able to overpower another grown man to the point of crimping him on the turf is impressive.

It was that kind of night for an offensive lineman Isaiah Trussel, who received a “chain of pancakes” after the game. The faux gold chain has a hanging syrup jar and all.

Trussell helped lead a rushing offense that gained 286 yards, and Torin Turner rushed for 164 yards on 19 carries and a touchdown.

“It’s a pancake chain. If you get pancakes, you get this,” Trussell, a 2014 Case High School graduate, said Saturday night after the game. “It’s my third year with the Raiders. I had an older cousin, Adonis, who played here when I was a kid. It’s legacy. It’s pro for me. I made mini -rookie camps for the pros and stuff, but it’s been the most fun football I’ve had in a long time.To say that I started and finished on this team means a lot.

Torin Turner goes through a big hole. – Credit: mike ramczyk

Trussell, who played college football at Carthage College, played guard and tackle Saturday night. He said the Raiders understood the Seminoles were understaffed, but he was glad everyone could play.

“It was nice to have other people to play with too,” Trussell said. “We are very deep and talented. We have third and fourth string guys who can go to any other team and start. But they want to be here. This shows how good our program is.

Raiders Quarterback Mitch Farr had a modest 162 yards on just 11 attempts, with six completions, three touchdowns and one interception.

Payne has worked third-team this season, so he had to leave games at half-time to get to work on time. Saturday night, he was finally able to complete a game. He is currently training for the Kenosha Police Department and hopes to become a full-fledged cop soon.

Justin Benko leaps for the interception. – Credit: mike ramczyk

“We appreciate having Grand Rapids come over,” Payne said after the game. “Sometimes if one team cancels, two teams cancel and we didn’t want consecutive bye weeks. It was good. I’m just trying to get things back on track.

Payne said the Raiders put the crucial loss to the Chicago Birdgang behind them and he looks forward to playing them again. He’s confident the Raiders will get their revenge the next time they play.

“We know we’ll see them again, so we’re putting that in the past,” Payne said. “We have the potential to be really good. I think we have all the pieces, we just have to put them together.

Payne, Will Norwood, Joe Garcia and chris hicks all touchdown passes taken. Turner, austin tenner, Luther Quarter and Howard Triplet hit on the ground.

With a 479-61 disparity in total yards, as well as seven forced turnovers, the defense was also active for Racine. Torie Ruffin opened the second half with a 30-yard interception return for a touchdown.

The Raiders return home to face Illinois Cowboys Saturday night, July 16, at Horlick Field. The Cowboys handed the Raiders their first loss of the season, 14-12, on June 4.

Root Raiders recovers the fumble. – Credit: Mike Ramczyk

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