Purdue Football: sit back and enjoy the show

I haven’t touched on the Music City Bowl yet, and honestly, it’s because I don’t know what to do with the Bowl games anymore. In the past, I saw them as a litmus test for a program. When Purdue beat Kansas State in the Alamo Dome, it was clear that Purdue was a rising program. When Auburn defeated Purdue at the Music City Bowl, it was clear that Purdue had a long way to go before he could compete with the greats of college football. Regardless of the outcome of Thursday’s game, I don’t think we’re going to have a full idea of ​​the schedule. It really is an exhibition game, and as long as you treat it like one, you won’t be disappointed.

The Purdue team on the pitch in Nashville is not a reasonable representation of the 2021 squad. Some programs can get rid of the loss of two first-round talents as they can replace them with pending first-round talents. Purdue doesn’t have that luxury. David Bell is the only wide receiver on Purdue’s roster who can do things to David Bell. Milton Wright has a knack for giving a close approximation at times, but it seems he is also absent. The Purdue 2021 offense without David Bell is not the 2021 Purdue offense. I’m not saying it won’t be fun to watch, but it won’t be the Purdue offense that got Purdue to be invited. at the Music City Bowl.

George Karlaftis is the only defensive lineman in the Purdue roster who can do things with George Karlaftis. There isn’t another player who routinely forces doubles and triples teams on offense and always manages to apply pressure. There are a few promising young players out there, but none are at his level, and it is highly unlikely that any player on this list will reach his level (although it would of course be) of success. It’s not contempt for the other guys, but Purdue isn’t exactly loaded with 5 * replacement defensive rookies with the top 10 nfl draft potential. The 2021 Purdue defense without George Karlaftis isn’t the 2021 Purdue defense. I’m not saying it won’t be fun to watch, but it won’t be the same defense that got Purdue invited to the Music City Bowl. .

Tennessee faces the same thing, although to a lesser extent. They’ll be slim in high school with starting corner Alontae Taylor sitting there to heal a lingering foot injury and prepare for the draft. Taylor’s normal replacement Kenneth George also looks like he’s banned. This will obviously put the Flights into a bind, because even with Bell and Wright out of the game, you know Brohm is going to air it and hope for the best (as it should be). Add in a smashed up Tennessee offensive line (likely minus former 5 * Cade Mays) and you are dealing with a less than complete Tennessee team (although close to what you would expect from a normal Tennessee team facing seasonal injuries).

I’m not going to do an in-depth look, as I have no idea what Purdue looks like without their top players. This team is built around Bell and Karlaftis, and what worked in the regular season may not work in the Music City Bowl without them. How Purdue looks without their top players isn’t necessarily an indication of how they’ll look without them next year, either. The coaching team has 8 months to put in place a new scheme that better matches the talents of the 2022 team.

At full power, it’s an interesting throwing game. With Purdue’s withdrawals, Tennessee has the clear advantage, and if anything, will face the pressure of being in their home country, in front of their home fans, and playing an exhausted Purdue team. . The Boilermakers play with the money of the house. A win gives the Boilers great publicity, a loss is easy to ignore.

I’m going to sit down on Thursday, have a few beers and enjoy the show. This game is a reward for players who want to play it, and nothing more. The long term benefit, extra workouts for young people, has already happened. It’s basically a delay NFL preseason Game. I kinda like watching the late NFL preseason games, not because they are the pinnacle of football excellence, but because you get to watch a bunch of guys you just can’t see. normally not playing as loud as they can, while the stars are sitting on the sidelines. It won’t be pretty, but if you enjoy the game for what it is and don’t get frustrated with what it could be, you’ll have an enjoyable viewing experience.

This is the new reality of college football. If you can’t handle it, you should probably find something else to do with your time on Thursday.

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