Purdue Football: Depth Chart Predictions, Quarterback

We’re officially less than 100 days away from the start of the Purdue football season, 94 days to be exact, so I guess it’s still that time of year for…

Depth map predictions.

As stated over the past few years, I have 0 insider info, 0 of really, whatever, just fan guessing. Sometimes I’m really right, sometimes I’m really wrong.

For today’s depth chart prediction, I think I’ll be pretty damn right.


No guesswork here, QB1 is our beloved former walk-on Aidan O’Connell. AOC exploded onto the scene after replacing Jack Plummer for a few games. Once the show was his in 2021, it was his. He finished 2nd in the B1G by the way, only behind CJ Stroud, he will be by his side this season. Don’t be surprised if at the end of the season, AOC is the Big Ten’s leading passer and the Big Ten’s leader in passing touchdowns.

Volume + being damn good can go a long way. In less than a year starting, AOC threw for 3,712 yards and 28 touchdowns. Don’t be at all surprised if it’s 4200+ and 35 TDS+ this year.

He is locked up like our QB1.

Now QB2 and QB3 – this is where it gets risky.

I’m going to give Austin Burton the QB2 job, along with a change of pace QB. Don’t be surprised to see racing packages with him again, last year QB-designed races sparked the racing game a few weekends. Burton, a former UCLA QB has now been here since 2020 when he arrived to compete for the wide-open position. But, he was cemented as a solid QB and runner.

Mike Alaimo is listed as my QB3. He walked into the transfer portal only to get his name out like, uh, 12 hours later. But, regardless, he’s here and ready to compete for the backup job in 2022 and then the starting gig in 2023 against Kyle Adams and Brady Allen. Alaimo is a great pocket passer with a good arm. He was rated 4* on HS, many thought he would play early and often, but tour more than one project. In HS, he didn’t set the world on fire.

For QB4, I think it’s foam coming in, Brady Allen, well, he’s been here since January. The Indiana Mr. Football, State Champ, MAxPreps Player of the Year hails from southern Indiana. Good news, with multiple QBS ahead of him, I see Allen taking an RS this season. He probably only plays if shit hits the fan with injuries. I like that he starts in 2023.

So really, with Allen taking an RS, my QB4, as long as shit doesn’t hit the fan, is homegrown Kyle Adams. The sophomore in 3rd grade transferred home after a few years out East playing for the much-loved James Madison. He threw for a million yards in high school and a million touchdowns (actual stats).

He’s back home and looking to compete in training to make a run for the starting QB in 2023.

There you have it, my officially unofficial QB depth chart, where it’s a total guess on my part, a fan, not an actual journalist reporter.

Tomorrow: Running Backs.

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