Pro Football Hall of Fame will increase the maximum size of the initiation class with the addition of a senior runner-up spot

USA today

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has announced a change in its selection process that will likely increase the size of introductory classes in the coming years.

On Thursday, the temple’s board of directors of Fame has approved several changes to the selection regulations that included a third place finish senior for the next three introductory classes. The additional runner up has increased the maximum size of eight induction class to nine members.

“The members of the selection committee were clear that they wanted to invite more senior” in the room “to discuss,” said Jim Porter, president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “From these initial conversations, the Hall of Fame team overseeing the selection process worked with the Board to create a path for these committee discussions that could lead to possible entrenchment for more elders. “

Only two classes of Fame included more than eight members: the inaugural induction class of 1963 (17 members) and the class of 2020 centenary (20 members). The class of last year included eight inductees, including five modern players, a coach, a senior finalist and a contributor. Promotion 2022 will include eight new inductees, whose senior finalist Cliff Branch, who won three Super Bowls in the late 1970s and early 80s as a member of the Raiders.

Senior Finalist is a player whose career ended there are at least 25 years. In addition to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the league, the Hall of Fame created the class of the centenary of 20 members in 2020 to help induct players who have slipped through the cracks in previous years.

The addition of an additional senior finalist should also lead to greater representation from teams that were not well represented in Canton, Ohio. The Cincinnati Bengals, for example, have only one former player currently registered in Canton: offensive tackle Anthony Munoz.

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