Post-game brawl leaves John Carroll University football player injured, spectator injured by flying helmet

BEREA, Ohio – A Baldwin Wallace University football player, 24, could face criminal charges after hitting University player John Carroll in a post-game scrum during of which a fan was hit by a flying helmet.

Violence erupted around 3:30 p.m. on November 13 at George Finnie Stadium, 141 East Bagley Road. According to witnesses and a video recording, Baldwin Wallace students, watching the football game from behind one of the end zones, mocked John Carroll’s players during the game and threw frozen bananas at them.

At the end of the game, John Carroll’s players ran over to Baldwin Wallace’s students and returned their taunts. The students ran onto the field to fight John Carroll’s players and Baldwin Wallace’s players joined the skirmish.

Baldwin player Wallace, 24, admitted to hitting player John Carroll from behind. John Carroll’s player fell to the ground to the applause of students from Baldwin Wallace. John Carroll’s player was eventually taken to the Southwest General Health Center in Middleburg Heights.

Meanwhile, a second Baldwin Wallace player slammed his helmet, which bounced off the ground and struck the arm of a 22-year-old female Euclid. Paramedics took the woman to Southwest General, where medics determined that no bones had been broken. She did not want to lay criminal charges, claiming that she knew she had been accidentally injured.

When the police arrived, Baldwin Wallace’s players swarmed the officers, gesturing and threatening them. A cameraman who recorded the incident showed police his video. As he did, Baldwin Wallace’s players recorded the cameraman on their own video devices and threatened him. Police escorted the cameraman away from the players to another part of the stadium.

At Southwest General, injured player John Carroll told police he felt dizzy after being punched. He was not wearing a helmet during the melee. Her cheek was swollen. The player admitted he was involved in the post-match fight and threw at least one punch himself.

The next day, John Carroll’s player called the police and said medics diagnosed him with a concussion. He and his mother said they wanted to press charges.

The cameraman told police the clash broke out because Baldwin Wallace’s students were allowed to enter the football field. He added that John Carroll’s winning touchdown pass was thrown to a covered receiver by Baldwin Wallace, 24, which may have fueled the wrath of the Baldwin Wallace player.

John Carroll’s cameraman and injured player were concerned about threats they had received from Baldwin Wallace players. A Baldwin Wallace player made a gun gesture with his hand, pointing his finger at John Carroll’s player. When Baldwin player Wallace saw the cameraman recording his gun gesture, he raised his hands as if to fight the cameraman.

The police were still investigating this matter at the time of his report.

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