NFL Fantasy Football 2021 Marcas Grant’s Sleepers Week 16

In the Monday edition of NFL Fantastic Football Show, I said that I was not likely to write Clyde Edwards-Helaire in 2022. But it’s still 2021, so let’s put that thought aside until the new year. Even with our reduced expectations this year, seeing CEH averaging less than 12 fantastic points per game is disappointing. Still, this week’s game against the Steelers could offer a bright spot. Since Week 10, no defense has allowed more rushing yards than Pittsburgh, while only the Jets have allowed as many rushing runs. The Steelers have also allowed a top 10 to return in five straight games. Edwards-Helaire has finished in the top 10 this season, so it is possible. It’s worth seeing if he can double that number this week.

We meet again, Rex burkhead. This isn’t the first time #RexInTheFlex has appeared in this column, and it looks like its time has come again. The running backs didn’t shine much in the league’s worst ground attack. But Burkhead provides a secure, albeit unspectacular floor this week against the Chargers. Los Angeles has been an easy target for fantastic backers this year, in part due to a 28th-ranked run defense. Since week 11, Burkhead has largely dominated Houston in the races. (Side note: Mark Ingram hasn’t played for the Texans since Week 7 and still leads the team overall.) Burkhead’s ceiling is limited but the opportunity is positive.

We end at the beginning with Mark Callaway. After some big preseason performances, Callaway was having deep sleep vibes. It didn’t work for much of the year. But in last week’s surprise win over Tampa Bay, Callaway saw a third of Taysom Hill’s targets. The weather is a flat circle and it all means we’re revisiting a lot of our early season catches. We’re coming back to this one in time to see the Saints take on a Dolphins high school that has forgiven the Broads this year. Don’t be fooled by recent Miami numbers. In the past four weeks, Miami has faced the Giants, Panthers and Jets (twice). Not exactly a series of transient offenses by a murderer. Yes, the same can be said of New Orleans right now, but that doesn’t mean a broad can’t see a lot of opportunities. Right now, Callaway seems to be that guy.

As the 49ers’ offense came to life in the latter part of the season, we settled down with cohesive and familiar names. But now a new name has entered the chat – Jauan Jennings. Over the past two weeks, Jennings has seen its target share climb to 18%. That’s more than Deebo Samuel, who has become a running back for Kyle Shanahan. The next step for San Francisco is a critical clash against the Titans. We have chosen Tennessee High School throughout the season. Jennings’ cap may be lower, but with a potential upside touchdown, he could be a DFS value play in Week 16.

Let’s keep it real, the only reason Evan engram is on this list because he plays against the Eagles. Every week we’ve been struggling to pick a tight end against the Philly defense, so there’s no reason to stop now. But nothing about Engram’s performance in 2021 suggests he’s about to show big numbers. THIS IS PURE ABOUT THE MATCHUP. If you choose to take this route, weary traveler, I wish you good luck but I cannot assure you of safe passage. Be careful, all of you who come in here.

It took almost four months, but we reached the Albert Okwuegbunam part of the program. And yes, I did a copy and paste on this name. We have kicked the tires on Noah Fant several times this season with mixed results as the Broncos’ passing game has continuously floundered. Maybe it’s time to take Albert O for a walk. As of week 9 he has a target share of 13% – identical to “Courtland Sutton”. The difference is, Okwuegbunam has nine more catches, 143 more receiving yards and one more touchdown than Sutton. The Broncos lead 12 staff (1 RB, 2 TE) as often as almost any team in the league. That should mean a lot of snaps against a Raiders defense that has allowed the fourth most points per game at tight ends and gives Okwuegbunam deep sleep potential.

There is an interesting conversation to be had on Kyle pittsrookie season. He’s TE5 (entering Tuesday) but he’s only received one touchdown and more than a third of his total points have come in two games. He may alleviate some of that frustration this week against the Lions. Since Week 12, four different tight ends have ranked in the top 12 against Detroit. Pitts hasn’t lined up as much as a traditional tight end this year, but it could be a nice wrinkle to reignite Atlanta’s offense in a game they need to win to stay in the playoff race.

I wouldn’t leave you without a sleep defense for the week. For this, we turn to the 49ers DST. After a slow start, DeMeco Ryans’ defense has taken up the torch for fantastic managers. San Francisco has collected nine fantastic points in three straight games. During that streak, the Niners recorded 12 sacks while forcing six turnovers. On the flip side, the Titans have been a revenue machine in recent weeks. Tennessee have given up the ball nine times in the past month while allowing three different defenses – including the Texans – to finish in the top 12 in the past five weeks.

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