New laws coming soon to reduce the risk of breaches: MoS IT

“It’s pretty obvious to most people that the big tech platforms are using technology to game the system and the consumers, and have evaded scrutiny by constantly showering themselves with innovation,” said Chandrasekhar, Minister of Health. state to electronics and IT, skills development and entrepreneurship, told The Indian Express. Innovation is important; The government will continue to foster an innovation ecosystem, but it will put in place laws and rules to ensure the internet is open, secure, trusted and responsible, the minister said.

“It is even more important in India because we have 80 crore Indians using the internet and in two and a half years 120 crore Indians will be using the internet and technology platforms. Therefore, it is important that we ensure that that the Internet is safe, reliable and responsible for all these consumers,” he said.

An investigation by The Indian Express, in collaboration with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) revealed that Uber used stealth technology to circumvent regulators, tapped into the lobbying network and aggressively cut corners by skirting loopholes in the law and regulation.

The minister said it was “worrying that big tech platforms have used technology and innovations to evade scrutiny and circumvent laws”. He said stricter rules will be put in place. “Going forward, under new rules and laws, the opportunity for big tech platforms to violate Indian laws or do something illegal like this will be greatly reduced,” Chandrasekhar said.

The new laws would contain “penalizing” provisions to ensure these platforms are accountable” and protect the interests of digital nagriks, government sources said.

“As the number of Indians using the internet increases and the digital economy grows, the government’s policy objectives are extremely clear. The laws and rules will ensure that the internet remains open, safe and reliable, and that internet and technology platforms are accountable to India’s digital consumers.Recent measures taken by the government, including cybersecurity guidance, new IT rules and a new proposed digital law, aim to ensure these goals for citizens. and users,” Chandrasekhar said.

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