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RAE, a set of desk organizers, designed by Milla & Erlend (Milla Eveliina Niskakoski, Erlend Storsul Opdahl) is the Grand Prize winner of the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2021. The 2022 edition is now accepting entries. Image: KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD.

For this week’s selections of architecture and design competitions listed on Bustler, we have selected four prompts calling for individuals and initiatives that connect the younger generations with architecture, innovative product design ideas, conceptual proposals for a spiritual center in the Russian city of Derbent, and visions for the road electric charging stations of the future.

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Inspiring Future Generations Award
Registration / submission deadline: Monday, October 4, 2021

“Open to practitioners, built environment professionals and the private / public sector, the Inspire Future Generations Awards aim to recognize people and initiatives around the world who have worked with children and youth – helping them to commit to and defend a better built environment. These are the first prizes of their kind for all built environment professionals in the UK. The winners will have to demonstrate how they have had a tangible impact on reducing the gap between architecture and education, through activities, collaborations or research. “

Registration / submission deadline: Friday, October 15, 2021

“The KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD is an international product design competition about imagining and creating the future together. It brings together proposals from all over the world and turns exceptional applications into commercial products. The KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2022 will be the 19th competition, and this time we will be launching a call for applications on the theme “UNLEARN”. With the pandemic making the latent problems of society more manifest, the theme is to reset the knowledge and senses that we have never questioned before and the experiences that we have accumulated so far, and to explore the conceptions that can be created by imagining ideal futures for everyone. from U.S.”

Design of the spiritual center of Derbent
Registration deadline: Monday, October 18, 2021
Submission deadline: Monday, December 20, 2021

“A unique project of national and international interest, which symbolizes the harmony and coexistence of religions and cultures not only in the ancient city of Derbent but as universal values ​​of the contemporary era. The project consists of the following items: Central Mosque of the Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church, Synagogue, Conference Hall, Museum, Library, Landscaped Park.The project is to be built on a central site of about 25 hectares.The site is located in a dominant position in a newly developed district of the City, located south of the historic center. “

The electric refueling station of the future
Registration / submission deadline: Monday, November 15, 2021

“As the perceived lack of charging infrastructure is one of the biggest barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles, this new design competition, The Electric Refueling Station of the Future launched by Electric Autonomy Canada, turns to designers. and architects, hoping to get their help fueling a fundamental change in our daily transportation habits and fostering a carbon-free future – through more inspired and redesigned public charging stations. , eat, recharge and more. “

If you would like to contribute to any contests, rewards programs, or calls for entries that are not yet listed on Bustler, send them directly to our team for review. We could include them in next week’s roundup.

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