National Archery Championships: Abhishek Verma, V. Jyothi Surekha Win With Perfect Scores


In an unprecedented compound final, Abhishek Verma and Vennam Jyothi Surekha clocked perfect scores of 150 in their respective gold medal matches to become individual champions at the 40th NTPC National Archery Championships on the grounds of the Tata Archery Academy in Jamshedpur on Wednesday.

It was a commendable spectacle from both archers – who won a mixed team silver medal at the World Championships in Yankton, USA, recently – as they overcame fatigue to give the best of themselves.

It was Jyothi’s first 150 at the national championships, while it was Abhishek’s first to a podium at the national level.

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Jyothi picked up the pace, scoring 15 consecutive 10s to register a 150-146 victory over Muskan Kirar – who tied Mexican Linda Ochoa-Anderson’s women’s world record to hit 11X, including her last nine shots, while scoring 150 in her semi-final match against Raginee Marko – in the women’s final. Jyothi, who won three silver medals at Yankton, kept his cool to regularly reach the yellow zone.

” It was hard. I couldn’t sleep after coming from the United States. Still, I wanted to do well, ”Jyothi said.

Abhishek, who wanted to replicate Jyothi’s feat, handled the pressure well to secure a 150-141 victory over young Mohit in the men’s top clash. “Like Jyothi did, I was under pressure. It went well, ”said Abhishek.

Meanwhile, the All India Police, including Bhagwan Das and Monali Jadhao, upset Delhi, consisting of Abhishek and Pragati, 155-152 for the mixed team crown.



Men: Final: Abhishek Verma (Del) bt Mohit (Har) 150-141; Third place: Aman Saini (Del) bt Mohan Bhardwaj (SSCB) 145-143.

Women: Final: V. Jyothi Surekha (PSPB) bt Muskan Kirar (MP) 150-141; Third place: Raginee Marko (MP) bt Pragati (Del) 147-147 (toss: 10-9).

Mixed team: Final: AIP bt Delhi 155-152; Third place: Madhya Pradesh bt Maharashtra 157-154.

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