“It’s up to us to challenge them”


Thomas Tuchel has acknowledged the benchmark Liverpool and Manchester City have set for the Premier League, but believes Chelsea can close the gap.

When asked if Chelsea are close to Liverpool and Man City, here’s how he reacted:

“Maybe for now. There are only nine games left. We have to prove it. It is not enough to prove it for nine games, we have to prove it for the season. It will take all of us. Of our courage, of all of us. “Our effort, all our discipline. It will just take all of us. It’s like running a marathon. This league is extremely exhausting.”

“We have different competitions. We are ready for all competitions and the best result in all competitions. We are trying to close the gap. I have no problem admitting that there has been a gap in the last few seasons and that Liverpool and City have set the standards. They’ve created a certain mentality with their managers together over the years. “

Man City have dominated the Premier League for the past five years, having won three titles. Liverpool won the domestic championship in 2019-2020 and finished the season with 99 points. Manchester City were second with 81 points and Chelsea distant fourth with 66.

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However, Chelsea have established themselves as a formidable team and are the favorites to win their first Premier League title since 2017.

However, Tuchel believes his Blues have a long way to go with barely a quarter of the league season.

Chelsea v Norwich City - Premier League
Chelsea v Norwich City – Premier League

He further added:

“Like I’ve said a number of times Liverpool and City have set the standards over the last four or five years and they show how consistent you have to be to collect points in this league, which seems like an effort to me. fantastic what they did.The title race was between them, it’s up to us to challenge them.

“We are almost until October alone. November is coming. Looking at our table and our games in December and January, there is so much to play. “

Will Chelsea finally win the Premier League title this season?

Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal fought late despite being part of a revered Premier League squad of six. This has led experts to believe that the title race this season will be settled between Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool.

Chelsea have lost just one game this season to defending Premier League champions Manchester City. Liverpool have yet to lose a game. The Reds have looked impenetrable with the return of their seasoned center-backs.

Mo Salah and Sadio Mane also looked extremely dangerous. The former scored a hat-trick against Manchester United in Liverpool’s outright 5-0 win last week.

Chelsea appeared to be a force to be reckoned with, even without their best forwards. Timo Werner and Romelu Lukaku are injured and are expected to return after the international break. But without them, too, Chelsea unleashed Norwich City, beating them 7-0, thanks to a hat-trick from Mason Mount.

Chelsea face Newcastle United later today and hope to extend their lead atop the Premier League table.

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