Inside Corona’s epic football game, 70 years of preparation


Muse: What was the genesis of this really huge idea?

Alejandro Gershberg: We knew how important live football was for Mexico, as well as how much we as a brewing company depend on times of consumption [like big-event game days]. It started with a call. Gustavo Lauria from We Believers called and told me about this idea. Without knowing how difficult or impossible it was, we approved it and struck up a 24/7 conversation to make this project a reality.

Can you describe the creative process?

Using images from the past 70 years and over 100 games … [we edited] day and night, seven days a week, for 45 days. The team did a very careful job of selecting the material, collecting and synchronizing the shots. We were also guided by former footballers and historians to create the “Match of Ages”.

What has been your biggest challenge? The scope, the timing, all of that?

The number of people it took, getting the images, working with so many images, it was all very difficult. But the biggest challenge was to react quickly because we couldn’t afford to waste time. In the end, either we would succeed or we risk disappointing people.

As a game, did it work any better than expected?

América vs Chivas is the most anticipated match in Mexican football. But what no one had ever imagined was a game made up of all these classics put together, in which the greatest figures of football coexisted … the best goals, the iconic games and the most representative goalkeepers of each era. . What fans might have imagined as a perfect match has come true.

Can you talk about the broadcasting?

On match day, June 7, the game was broadcast in prime time on the nation’s most watched channel and streamed live on the brand’s social media and TV network. It exploded: the game received 97% more mentions than the last game played between the two teams. The “Match of Ages” has become the most watched “classico” in the history of Mexican football, with more than 109 million impressions won, more than 180,000 mentions on social networks. [On the business side] Corona increased its sales by 54%, managing to retain 30,000 employees.

Were you surprised by this performance?

We were surprised and no. We knew we had something good, but we didn’t expect that kind of response. We connected with people. In times of containment, we have brought entertainment with the most popular teams in the country, and the most iconic players in history. We brought a piece of normal life back to a time when football was really lacking in Mexico.

How did the fundraising go?

Thanks to donations from brands such as Aeroméxico, Carl’s Jr., Jumex and Nescafé, the “Match of Ages” broke the barriers of confinement and time. We were able to edit the original sideboards and sell the space to the brands. We offered space in the billboards during the game, and in return the businesses needed to support the fight against Covid with the resources they could provide, such as meals for doctors or flights for medical material. At halftime, Televisa sold space, and that was also used to fight Covid. The final tally of funds and services donated exceeded $ 2 million.

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