Hate speech? To verify. Nuremberg Laws? To verify. Economic boycotts? The next step in discriminating against Muslims is here


Also note that while the initial targets of these calls ended up being small traders – the repeat, so to speak – the argument doesn’t end there, and once this rhetoric becomes widespread, it will be used to attack all livelihoods of Muslims, as the iD Fresh Foods targeting shows.

Structural violence and the path to genocide

In recent petitions to the Supreme Court regarding hate speech against Muslims, one of the main arguments used to urge the Supreme Court to act is that when this hate speech becomes widespread, it leads to “structural violence. », That is to say to economic and cultural marginalization. , including the eviction of people from the rented premises and the loss of their means of subsistence.

Attacks on traders and calls for an economic boycott clearly fit into this framework.

This type of structural violence creates an atmosphere of discrimination against the target community, which constitutes a continuous attack on the fundamental rights to equality and to life with dignity (Articles 14 and 21).

Structural violence results in a decrease in the participation of the target community in the democratic and public sphere, not only in terms of politics, but in basic and everyday aspects of normal life.

Even when it does not involve actual physical injury, hate speech can, as the Law Commission recognized in a 2017 report, “undermine the ‘implicit assurance’ that citizens of a democracy, in particular minorities or vulnerable groups, are placed on an equal footing. like the majority. “

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