GoodGameNation signs Viral Fission to lead India’s largest college esports competition with INR 3 crore in cash prizes

Exclusive partnership to create campus communities in 3000 colleges over 3 years; to include coaching and career opportunities for the best

Mumbai, India, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Viral Fission, from Asia the largest GenZ community, today announced that it has signed a multi-year contract with GoodGameNation (GG Nation), india first and only esports-as-a-service platform, to create india largest esports championship and transform gaming from a hobby into a lucrative career option for millions of Indian student gamers by building gaming clubs and gaming communities on campuses across India.

Esports is the fastest growing sport in the world and is the competitive format of video gaming. It is now a medal-winning sport at the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games; electronic sports are also being considered for the Olympics. Finding and attracting gaming talent that can represent India on the global stage, GoodGameNation has also announced plans to pay out INR 3 crore in cash prizes.

Over a three-year period, this merger plans to attract 100 million players and organize more than 16,000 intra-college and 10 national-level esports tournaments.

Speaking of the vision of the partnership, Animesh PandeGoodGameNation’s Head of Marketing, Community and Content, said:We are excited to partner with Viral Fission to amplify our efforts in campus esports at India. Viral Fission’s track record of youth activation for some of the biggest brands in the world was a big factor in selecting GoodGameNation to amplify our campus esports efforts. At GoodGameNation, we truly believe in the power of esports and its ability to bring communities together.

The Federation of Electronic Sports Associations of India (FEAI), the country’s umbrella body for esports, says that india the esports industry will affect RNI 1100 crores by FY25. This association will provide unique opportunities for student players across the country to grow in the game through mentorship programs and engagement with their peers. “With this partnership, we strive to continue our mission to build the most holistic and comprehensive ecosystem of gamers in the country by creating a platform for them to compete on many levels, develop and potentially even explore a full-time career in this fast-growing industry. Our dream, however, is to create esports athletes who could represent India to international tournaments and bring glory to Bharat,he further added.

As part of this partnership, campus-based gaming clubs and gaming communities will be created on all campuses to provide student gaming opportunities to compete in state and national esports competitions. These clubs will also be an inclusive space for game enthusiasts, game developers and game streamers to cultivate a sense of belonging. They will further act as a catalyst for brands to host various mobile, console and PC gaming competitions in over 3,000 colleges across the country.

Speaking of this partnership, Umang GandhiProduct Manager at Viral Fission, mentioned, “We believe in fostering communities and creating community experiences to foster and nurture the next generation. Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, providing many opportunities for young minds “Through our partnership with GG Nation, we are excited to be part of the global gaming boom and bring gaming-focused nano-communities within campus ecosystems. This will truly create a unique experience for young people and foster gaming culture at the local level. We aim to unlock opportunities for young people to jump aboard this wagon and build a lucrative future in the gaming industry.”

About Viral Fission

Viral Fission was founded in November 2019 with a vision to bridge the gap between india energetic young people and the brands they love. The central thought is an inspiration drawn by the founders from their own academic experience and learning. The company aims to redefine the brand’s visibility indicators with/for young people. Viral Fission offers a community network of young people who co-create unparalleled brand experiences.


About GoodGameNation

GoodGameNation (GGNation) is india first and only provider of esports as a service for student players in high schools and colleges. GGNation offers a holistic and structured esports program that includes competitions at institutional, national, regional and national levels, coaching of professional players and teams and career opportunities for the best players in each schedule. annual. GGNation was founded in 2021 by Abhinandese Balasubramanian, ex-founder of Racing Promotions, majority acquired in 2021, and Hariansh Nagpal, director of Rosmerta Group of Companies. GGNation already has on-campus gaming clubs at 100 colleges across Indiaand has hosted over 500 tournaments to date.

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