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The day is part of a project called ‘Athletics for a Bigger World’ which was launched by World Athletics, formerly known as the International Amateur Athletics Federations (IAAF)

World Athletics Day is celebrated every year to raise awareness among young people and children about the importance of sport and physical fitness. The day is part of a project called “Athletics for a Greater World” which has been launched by World Athletics, formerly known as the International Amateur Athletics Federations (IAAF).


World Athletics Day is celebrated in May. However, the date varies from year to year and every year World Athletics, finalizes a certain date to mark the day of celebration all over the world. According to the organization, the day will be commemorated on May 7. This year. The Kids’ Athletics Day will also be celebrated on May 7 by the organization.

Athletics is an exclusive category of competitive sports consisting of running, jumping, swimming, throwing and walking. By entering the world of athletics, young people develop certain qualities such as teamwork, leadership, self-confidence and self-discipline.

The main objective behind celebrating the day is to make sports an integral part of society and to keep everyone healthy and fit. World Athletics organizes various sporting events and competitions for people of all ages around the world.

History of World Athletics Day:

World Athletics Day was first launched in 1996 by Primo Nebiolo, then President of the International Amateur Athletics Foundation. Nebiolo proposed that participation in sports can lead us to build a healthier society.

Since then, World Athletics has sponsored the day to focus on sportsmanship and physical fitness. The theme for the first World Athletics Day was based on the centennial edition of the Atlanta Olympic Games.

The IAAF was founded in Sweden on July 17, 1912 by 17 national athletics federations as the international governing body for athletics. The organization, which deals with issues such as standardized technical equipment and the list of official world records, changed its name to World Athletics in 2019.


  • To establish a link between sport, youth and the preservation of the environment throughout the world.
  • Promote athletics as an essential part of sport in educational institutions.
  • Make the general public aware of the importance of sport in daily life.
  • Educating people on how sport plays a key role in health and fitness.


During the day, schools and colleges around the world organize different sporting events. Many camps and exhibitions are organized to emphasize the importance of physical activities for children. From running to shot put, many competitions are held to increase young people’s interest in athletics.

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