Ex-Premier League referee wonders why Harry Kane didn’t receive a red card for Andy Robertson’s tackle

Over the weekend, Tottenham Hotspur returned to the pitch for their game against Liverpool. After a coronavirus epidemic, the north London club have postponed their last three matches, including losing their UEFA Conference League match against Stade Rennais.

During the match, however, there was some controversy. Harry Kane received a yellow card for his tackle on Andy Robertson in the 20th minute. However, there has been an outcry for the Spurs captain to be given a red card.

Former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live (Going through Mirror), where he said the Liverpool defender is lucky to walk after Kane’s tackle.

“I think Kane’s tackle is worse than Robertson’s,” Clattenburg said. “Hearing that Robertson has to have his leg planted scares me because if he does, he won’t walk this Christmas. If you don’t think this is a clear and obvious mistake about Kane, then you are not doing your job right.

“I think we as umpires are sometimes guilty of knowing the laws of the game, but we don’t understand the game. VAR can’t be wrong. The referees can because they have a split second. VAR at all angles; he has all the slow motion, he can see the point of contact.

In addition, Clattenburg has said the Premier League should broadcast audio of VAR decisions, given that it provides the public with the reason for its decision and limits speculation as to why the referee made the appeal. .

“In Greece, we publish the audio of VAR decisions,” Clattenburg said. “People appreciate it. They might not always agree with it, but they appreciate it. I think it should happen. We should be able to listen to the audio. We might not agree with that, but at least then we would understand.

After the game, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp said Kane should have been given a red card for his challenge against Robertson.

“Yes, definitely,” Klopp said. “You can give Robbo a red card. It’s not the smartest challenge, but it’s definitely a red card. No doubt about it. His leg was in the air; it was pure coincidence. Harry can’t judge him. If Robbo’s leg is on the ground, it’s a broken leg.

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