Escondido High to host section football title matches this season


For most of the past decade, Southwestern College has hosted the San Diego CIF Section Football Championships.

That won’t be the case this season with Escondido High hosting all six games.

The Open Division will play on November 20 with Divisions IV slated for next week, with two games on November 26 and three on November 27.

“With the uncertainty about the restrictions at community colleges, we felt it was best to lock down Escondido High,” said San Diego chapter commissioner Joe Heinz.

“Escondido High is a great place. In addition, the school and city officials were more than willing to help.

Qualcomm Stadium hosted the Championships from 2009 to 2011. Wilson Stadium in Escondido High hosted the 2012 Championships before Qualcomm hosted it again in 2013. Then it was Southwestern, with a capacity of 7,275 seats, from 2014 to 2019.

There were no football championships last season because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Qualcomm’s rent was in the order of $ 100,000. Southwestern College’s rent was between $ 50,000 and $ 75,000, with the college keeping the parking lot and concessions.

“There will also be fees at Escondido,” said Heinz. “There are a number of gaming expenses involved… logistical things like personnel, security, maintenance, and policing.”

Wilson Stadium can comfortably accommodate 5,500 people. End zone seats were added for games in 2012, but were not required.

There is plenty of parking, toilets and concession stands are more than adequate and there is the option of bringing in food trucks.

Heinz said he has had discussions with the State of San Diego about hosting next year’s championships at the Aztecs’ new football stadium in Mission Valley.

“The state of San Diego is very open to the idea of ​​hosting,” said Heinz. “It will be a phenomenal place. We hope it will work.

The initial power rankings, which will determine the ranking of the football playoffs, have been released.

And there was significant backlash from the coaches.

The rankings, which were voted on by the Football Advisory Board, award points based on wins and losses as well as the opponent’s record of wins and losses and division.

“It’s still very early days,” said Heinz. “Power rankings have a way of working at the end of it. So please don’t panic.

With COVID-19 possibly affecting the minimum number of games a team plays, Heinz said the selection committee would also take a common sense approach.

CIF conference

The CIF held a symposium on Monday and distributed a brochure with a number of interesting facts, including:

Transfer Data: Top 10 Schools with Transfers to – Torrey Pines (50), Cathedral Catholic (43), St. Augustine (22), Tri-City Christian (21), Foothills Christian (20), Sage Creek (20), Lincoln (17), Carlsbad (15), Christian (13), Catholic Mater Dei (12).

Player ejections: 2018-19 (357 – 302 boys, 55 girls); 2019-20 (271 – 207 boys, 64 girls); 2020-21 (140 – 114 boys, 26 girls).

Ejections by sport: 2018-19 (boys football 137, football 45, boys water polo 42, boys basketball 38, girls soccer 35); 2019-20 (boys football 101, football 43, girls football 42, boys basketball 34, girls basketball 19); 2020-21 (64 boys football, 20 baseball, 13 boys basketball, 13 girls soccer, 8 football).

Ejections by school: 2018-19 (Clairemont 10, Valley Center 10, Lincoln 9, Oceanside 9, San Diego 9); 2019-20 (Classical Academy 11, Hilltop 8, Orange Glen 8, Oceanside 7, El Capitan 6, Valhalla 6); 2020-21 (Del Norte 5, Madison 5, Patrick Henry 5).

Athletic participation for 2019-2020: boys (football 7,865, track and field 4,978, soccer 4,977, baseball 3,429, cross country 2,403, volleyball 2,379, wrestling 2,076, lacrosse 2,004, swimming and diving 1,733). Girls (soccer 4,297, volleyball 4,020, athletics 4,011, softball 2,713, swimming and diving 2,588, basketball 2,546, tennis 2,144, lacrosse 2,082, water polo 1,865, cross-country 1,706).

2019-2020 San Diego Chapter Census data: member schools (128), total enrollment (150,759), number of athletic participants (72,829 – 48% of registrations), athletic participants by gender (boys 39,976 – 54 , 8%; girls 32,853 – 45.2 percent).

State CIF Sections: South (569 schools, 754,275 registrations); Sac-Joaquin (189 schools, 223,228 registrations); North Coast (178 schools, 223, 228 registrations); Los Angeles City (156 schools, 169,919 registrations); Central Coast (153 schools, 165,317 registrations); San Diego (128 schools, 159,584 enrollments); Central (123 schools, 165,528 registrations); North (68 schools, 28,802 registrations); Oakland (27 schools, 15,205 registrations); San Francisco (17 schools, 17,541 registrations).

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