Eoin Morgan: “The personality of the captain influences the direction of a team”

Morgan will now be back in action in the Abu Dhabi T10, trying to tackle another challenge. He will be captain of the Delhi Bulls in the tournament and here Morgan shares his thoughts on the captaincy, T10, the tournament and his team.


On the importance of experience while leading in formats like T10, T20: I think, considering the change in all cricket formats and the effect of T20 cricket from 2003 to 2004, I think this is extremely important because to be at the forefront of any trend or change I think that it’s driven by shorter formats, so for a player to be able to play in shorter formats, I think that’s essential for their development and to stay relevant.

On him who manages the captaincy of short form: I have a routine and leading any group of men obviously depends on the personality. The goals that you have set for yourself as a team to achieve, to be able to deliver a clear message about this goal within the team, and then to be able to show the ability to lead the team towards this goal … Think that they are obviously very important things.

On the difference between leading England and a franchise: I think both have their challenges. When you talk about running your country it’s normally over a longer period of time, you build longer and stronger bonds over the years, maybe to lead to a World Cup or a Champions Trophy or maybe -be in a series of tests.

When it comes to a franchise team and leading over such a short or long period of time, you are trying to achieve that collective goal but trying to work with what you have at the time. So in franchised cricket there are as many challenges but different than those you encounter in international cricket.

How to lead and win a T20 / T10 tournament: I think there is a bit of a formula. One of the most difficult things to achieve is to get through the group stage, each team is endowed with great energy, the ambition to accomplish the same thing as you, but making it a priority from the start, it doesn’t matter if you don’t produce the best that day. and winning this match is essential to winning the group stage.

If you can achieve this and get to the other stages with experienced guys like (Dwayne) Bravo and Adil Rashid in the later stages of the tournament, then your experience counts.

On the grounds in the United Arab Emirates: I think the pitch is good. We played a lot at the IPL and the World Cup. We also played a semi-final on this pitch (Zayed Cricket Stadium, Abu Dhabi). Last summer the pitches were very similar to what they are now, so they’re putting a hell of a lot of effort into making good pitches. They do not turn drastically, the balls slip. In fact, in the semi-final (T20 WC), the ball swayed a lot. So maybe this time we’ll see a bit of that in this event.

On the importance of bowlers in short formats: Yeah, I do. In all short format games bowlers are key and I think the trend that has developed more recently in T20 cricket is that wrist spinners are the most effective when it comes to taking wickets. . I think it will be the same throughout the tournament. I think it will create more pressure.

If you are facing two point balls you feel like you have to start hitting a limit right away, in such a short game (T10) you just have to come in and make an impact and you don’t have time to get into the game and you need to have the aggressive mindset from the start.

On the T10 format being a vehicle for cricket at the Olympics: I always try to bring new ideas and make the game grow even more. The Olympics are a huge opportunity to do that. Since playing T10, it’s kind of eye-catching entertainment because I’m a huge fan. All of my family and friends are watching the game and they go out and come back and watch another game.

“It’s very fan friendly and if you are looking to sell our game to people who have never watched cricket before, I think this is a very flexible way to do it. Show them different formats and I haven’t found a better way than the T10 for a format to play at the Olympics.

On the tenacity to recover form in a loaded format like T10: I think it all depends on how you treat things and understand them and play games. A good example is the IPL campaign at KKR. At the start of the league we won two out of seven, we weren’t well and struggled as a team, and then Covid hit.

“We all went home and then six months later we joined the campaign in the United Arab Emirates and made it to the final. The guys came with a new mindset, ambition, and a better understanding. A lot has to do with confidence, feeling comfortable with your own team and trying to get back into the tournament.

As a transforming player, captain for England: The biggest compliment for me and my team is that during Covid this summer 15 team members went into isolation and we had to choose a whole new team. They came in and not only played well against a full Pakistani team, but they came out and played the brand of cricket that we play.

“My wife and I were watching the game. I called Jos (Buttler) and other guys and I said, “Damn, this is amazing, this is great to watch”. This is how it should be when people look at us ”. It doesn’t matter what name is written on the back of the shirt. What we have achieved over the past six years is to create more expectations around us because now we have been considered favorites or second favorites in tournaments for years and years in my career.

“Even at the 2010 T20 World Cup we won in the West Indies, we were completely afterthought. Since we took part in the Trophée des Champions in 2017, we are the favorites. We know we have a chance to win, it is not false hope or false anticipation. These two things are huge compliments to what we have accomplished as a group.

On the head of the Delhi Bulls in Abu Dhabi T10 Season 3: We kind of came straight to the tournament from New Zealand. We had quality players, it’s just that we didn’t perform well as we would like. Last season I was watching from Australia, my friends were in the tournament, it’s actually comparable to the NFL because I also love watching the NFL. T10 is like that, full of games, I watched the phone, I watched the score. I obviously missed playing last year. So I hope I can make up for it this year.

On the Delhi Bulls’ chances in this edition of Abu Dhabi T10: We have a strong team and the absence of Jason Roy obviously hurts us. We have a lot of talent and we are looking forward to it. Then we have Dwayne Bravo, who is one of the most experienced T20 cricketers in the world.

“You think how long he’s been there and how many games he’s played and the most important factor is he’s a winner and he’s won competitions all over the world and also won the World Cup T20 So it’s going to be essential and hopefully succeed with us as well.

(Interview facilitated by the Delhi Bulls media team)

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