Cup competitions now take on increased importance for Tottenham Hotspur

With UEFA’s decision to drop Tottenham’s canceled game with Stade Rennais, Spurs are excluded from the Conference League, making the cuts all the more important.

Having previously announced that the game would not be rescheduled, we always knew that it would take a creative interpretation of the rules to award the victory to Spurs. Thus, the decision of UEFA is ultimately not surprising, despite the dangerous precedent that this decision sets. Either way, removing a competition from Tottenham’s future football calendar along with a realistic chance of winning a trophy makes cup competitions all the more important to the Lilywhites.

The Conference League was a distraction for Tottenham

Spurs were in a difficult position with the Conference League as the potential payouts if they had won would have added almost € 10million to the club. However, those matches, which would have numbered 11 had Tottenham reached the final, would put a lot of pressure on an already thin team.

Tottenham may get better performances from more players under Antonio Conte, but the squad is still only so deep. The fact that Spurs have to play a home and away streak just to qualify for the round of 16 is a bit ludicrous, and the Champions League and Europa League third sides would have to do the same as the third. the Conference League teams do it – come home.

With less concern for match congestion, running a deep race in national cup competitions becomes all the more important. As much as anything, Conte needs these games to make more decisions about the future of his team and the team, this team, this group of players need a trophy.

Spurs’ path to the trophies is shorter via the national road

At this point, Tottenham are only three games away from the Carabao Cup final. In addition, the FA announced today that the matches of the third and fourth round will be decided without reruns. This means Spurs could advance to the FA Cup final in just five matches.

That’s two cup finals in the same number of games Spurs would have had to play to reach the Conference League semi-finals. While winning both competitions wouldn’t make as much money as winning the Conference League, neither would Spurs win, let alone both, be more important to the club and the fans than winning the third European competition.

At the end of the day, we can all be upset. Spurs are out of a very winnable competition, but if the compromise is more about the league and winning one or two domestic cups, fans will all agree in the end.

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