College Football Rankings: Top 25 NCAA Teams Planned After Week 8


For the sixth time in eight weeks, several top 10 college football teams suffered a loss, creating even more work for Top 25 AP voters and the Coaching Poll.

At this point, they have to get used to it.

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Those unlucky Week 8 teams were No.7 from Penn State and No.8 from Oklahoma. The Nittany Lions struggled mightily on offense in what was an absurd nine-hour overtime loss to unranked Illinois. Nothing was more indicative of their inability to score than the fact that the end result was a 20-18 loss for Penn State. Oklahoma State, meanwhile, couldn’t come back in a relentless 24-21 loss to Iowa State, itself a top-10 preseason team.

No game will have a bigger impact than these losses on the post-Week 8 polls, although there have been some tight calls from other top-tier teams that will inform the final top 25. This includes surprisingly tight victories for No.2 Cincinnati and No.2 3 Oklahoma over Navy and Kansas, respectively – teams which, after Saturday, combined for a 2-12 record. The Bearcats needed a last-minute interception against the Midshipmen to secure a 27-20 victory, while the Sooners’ 35-23 victory made college fans look to NCAA rulebook.

Oregon also needed another defensive save in as many weeks to avoid an upset, sealing a 34-31 win over UCLA with a late interception over the Bruins.

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But those weren’t the only games that made an impact, when it comes to the latest rankings. Coastal Carolina lost its first regular season game since 2019, falling to the traditional Sun Belt App State, 30-27 Wednesday night. The No.25 Purdue, a week after jumping among the ranked teams, also lost 30-13 to unranked Wisconsin.

No.23 Pitt also ran his business in the ACC game against Clemson, prompting questions about what exactly went wrong for the Tigers in 2021.

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All of these games and many more will redistribute the last rankings among the top 25. With that, Sporting News awaits the publication of Sunday’s poll, trying to project what the latest ranking will look like:

Projected college football ranking for week 9

Rank Team Save
1 Georgia 7-0
2 Cincinnati 7-0
3 Oklahoma 8-0
4 Alabama 7-1
5 Ohio state 6-1
6 Michigan 7-0
7 Michigan State 7-0
8 Oregon 6-1
9 Iowa 6-1
ten Ole Miss 6-1
11 our Lady 6-1
12 Oklahoma State 6-1
13 Kentucky 6-1
14 Wake forest 7-0
15 Texas A&M 6-2
16 State of pennsylvania 5-2
17 Pitt 6-1
18 Auburn 5-2
19 SMU 7-0
20 Baylor 6-1
21 Coastal Carolina 6-1
22 San Diego State 7-0
23 UTSA 7-0
24 NC state 5-2
25 Arizona State 5-2

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