Chelsea are ready for virgin and doubles Gameweeks as new Burnley v Spurs date awaited

Chelsea are set to shutout in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Gameweeks 24 and 25 after FIFA announced the dates for the revamped Club World Cup this morning.

The Blues’ games against Brighton and Hove Albion (February 8) and Arsenal (February 12) will therefore have to be rescheduled, so the Seagulls and Gunners will also have a blank each.

Thomas Tuchel’s side will therefore most likely get at least two Double Gameweeks, and potentially more depending on their progress in National Cup competitions.

In the meantime, we’re still waiting for a date for Sunday’s postponed match between Burnley and Tottenham Hotspur.


The Club World Cup takes place in the United Arab Emirates from February 3-12, although Chelsea will not make the first rounds and instead enter the semi-finals.

The draw for this competition will take place today at 16:00 GMT.


Provided the competition continues (Covid paid for the tournament originally scheduled for Japan in December) then Chelsea will most likely be empty in Gameweek 24 and possibly Gameweek 25 as well.

The FA Cup fourth round immediately precedes Gameweek 24, while the UEFA Champions League round of 16 begins midweek after Gameweek 25.

date of February 2022 Competetion
sat 5 FA Cup 4th round
Sun 6 FA Cup 4th round
Mon 7
Mar 8 Play week 24
Wed 9 Play week 24
game 10
Fri 11
sat 12 Play week 25
Sun 13 Play week 25
Mon 14
tue 15 UCL last 16, go
Wed 16 UCL last 16, go

The weekend of February 5-6 (right before Gameweek 24) would only be free if Chelsea and one from Arsenal or Brighton lost their FA Cup third round match, which seems a bit of a stretch.

Chelsea are definitively qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League but might not be in European action on Tuesday / Wednesday 15/16 February – that’s because these knockout games are spread out, with four of the eight clashes the round of 16 taking place a week later.

Even though the Blues are not in action in the Champions League right after Gameweek 25, the Premier League has generally (but not always) tried to avoid a clash with UEFA club competitions during the match reorganization. . Manchester City v Southampton were rearranged for a Champions League night last season with no further open windows so it remains an emergency option.


Chelsea will not get Double Gameweek in 2021 as there is no free midweek / weekend left this calendar year.

Here are some other dates on which the exceptional games against Brighton and Arsenal could theoretically be hosted.

Double Gameweek 21
January 2022 dates Competetion
sat 1 Play week 21
Sun 2 Play week 21
Mon 3 Play week 21
tue 4 EFL Cup semi-finals, go
Wed 5 EFL Cup semi-finals, go
game 6
Fri 7
sat 8 FA Cup 3rd round
Sun 9 FA Cup 3rd round
Mon 10
tue 11 EFL Cup semi-finals, second leg
Wed 12 EFL Cup semi-finals, second leg
game 13
Fri 14 Play week 22
sat 15 Play week 22
Sun 16 Play week 22

A Double Gameweek 21 is only possible if Chelsea are eliminated from the quarter-finals of the EFL Cup. Brighton are already out of this competition but Arsenal will face Sunderland in the last eight so they are the favorites to progress.


  • Chelsea: Liverpool (h) and Arsenal (h) / Brighton (a)
  • Brighton: Everton (a) and Chelsea (h)
  • Arsenal: Man City (h) and Chelsea (a)
Double Gameweek 22
January 2022 dates Competetion
Fri 14 Play week 22
sat 15 Play week 22
Sun 16 Play week 22
Mon 17
tue 18 FA Cup 3rd round replays
Wed 19 FA Cup 3rd round replays
game 20
Fri 21 Play week 23
Sat 22 Play week 23
Sun 23 Play week 23

Double Gameweek 22 is a stronger possibility if Chelsea plus an Arsenal Where Brighton avoids having to replay the 3rd round of the FA Cup.


  • Chelsea: Man City (a) and Arsenal (h) / Brighton (a)
  • Brighton: Crystal Palace (h) and Chelsea (h)
  • Arsenal: Spurs (a) and Chelsea (a)
Double Gameweek 27
Dates February / March 2022 Competetion
sat 26 Play week 27
Sun 27 Gameweek 27 / EFL Cup Final
Mon 28
tue 1 FA Cup 5th round
Wed 2 FA Cup 5th round
game 3
Fri 4
sat 5 Play week 28
Sun 6 Play week 28

Double Gameweek 27 is more unlikely and would require a lot of things to fall into place, including Chelsea to be out of both the FA Cup and the EFL Cup at the same time.

Even then it would depend on what Brighton / Arsenal and Blues Gameweek 27 opponents Leicester do in National Cup competitions.

In reality, a Chelsea white looks more likely than a double here – the EFL Cup final collides with Gameweek 27, with the FA Cup fifth round taking place a few days later.

Chelsea progress to the EFL Cup final and the FA Cup fifth round could leave them with the following schedule in the first two months of 2022:

  • GW21: Liverpool (h)
  • GW22: Man City (a)
  • GW23: Spurs (h)
  • GW24: blank
  • GW25: blank
  • GW26: Crystal Palace (a)
  • GW27: blank
Other possibilities

Gameweek 33 and especially Gameweek 36 have the best chance of being larger Double Gameweeks, whether it’s the postponed matches of Chelsea’s Gameweek 24 and 25 or otherwise.

However, Gameweek 33 also faces the FA Cup semi-finals, so the following free midweek may have to host any Premier League game postponed from this weekend.

And as mentioned earlier, Chelsea will have two free mid-weeks for possible ’emergency’ Premier League fixtures between Gameweeks 25 and 30, depending on the scheduled date of their Champions League round of 16 game.


The Spurs are in a similar boat at Chelsea.

If they lose to West Ham United in the EFL Cup quarter-finals, then their postponed Gameweek 13 clash with Burnley could theoretically be staged as part of a juicy Double Gameweek 21.


  • Spurs: Watford (a) and Burnley (a)
  • Burnley: Leeds (a) and Spurs (h)

If that doesn’t happen, Gameweek 22 could host the standout game provided neither side needs a replay of the FA Cup third round.


  • Spurs: Arsenal (h) and Burnley (a)
  • Burnley: Leicester (h) and Spurs (h)

The weekend of February 5-6 (just before Gameweek 24) would only be free if Spurs and Burnley lose their FA Cup third round matches.

A Double Gameweek 27 would again demand that Spurs be absent from both domestic cups and that Burnley not reach the stage of the FA Cup fifth round.

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