Browns vs. Broncos Live Score, Updates, NFL “Thursday Night Football” Highlights


Case Keenum will make his first NFL start since 2019 when the Browns host the Broncos in “Thursday Night Football”.

Keenum is in the lineup for quarterback Baker Mayfield, one of many injured Cleveland starters who will miss the game. The team pre-match injury report included 19 players, with half of them listed as questionable or absent. Mayfield suffered a torn labrum to his left shoulder in the Browns’ 37-14 loss to the Cardinals on Sunday. He was not placed in the casualty reserve, so there is a chance he could return by week 8.

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Running back Nick Chubb and cornerback AJ Green are also out for Cleveland. The Browns activated injured reserve wide receiver Jarvis Landry, and he is set to start Thursday. The five-time Pro Bowler will return from an MCL sprain suffered in Week 2. Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was also activated hours before the game.

Teddy Bridgewater is set to start as Broncos quarterback despite a foot injury. He was stomped on by a teammate in the closing stages of the team’s Sunday loss to the Raiders.

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Sporting News follows live score updates and highlights from Browns vs. Broncos on “Thursday Night Football”. Follow the full results of the NFL Week 7 game at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland.

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Browns score vs. Broncos

T1 T2 T3 T4 OT F
brown ten 0 7
Broncos 0 0 7

Live updates from the Browns vs. the Broncos, highlights from “Thursday Night Football”

All Eastern hours.

10:45 am: Browns CB Denzel Ward has descended on the field and is heading to the Cleveland medical tent.

10:41 am: Bridgewater continues to rush to give the Broncos the first past midfielder.

10:38 am: Cleveland is called up for their fourth illegal training penalty of the night during the punt. The Broncos will start in their 20.

10:34 am: Keenum finds Landry for the first down before falling on the sidelines. The call is reversed and deemed incomplete to force the fourth out after the official review.

10:27 am: The Broncos are called in for an offensive outfit as Garrett drops Bridgewater for the sack. Sam Martin punted 50 yards to give the Browns possession at 22.

Third quarter: Browns 17, Broncos 7

10:18 am: TOUCH BRUNS. Keenum completed a one-yard pass to Stanton for the score. Browns extend 17-7 lead with 38 seconds left in the third quarter.

10:16 am: Cooper knocks Keenum down and forces a fourth. Keenum stays on the pitch and rushes past the first marker, but drops the ball into the end zone. Keenum was knocked down before losing control.

10:13 am: Keenum rushes in to give the Browns a first try at 13.

10:12 am: Cooper nearly knocks Keenum down for the sack, but he gets rid of him with a pass to Johnson for another first down at 23.

10:08 am: A 16-yard goal for Anthony Schwartz gives the Browns their first straight downs for the 41 Broncos.

10:05 am: Beckham Jr. takes the field and makes back-to-back catches to bring the Browns a first down at 43.

10:03 am: TOUCH BRONCOS. Bridgewater completed to Gordon and he reached into the end zone for eight yards. The extra kick helps the Broncos cut Browns lead 10-7 with 7:48 remaining in the third quarter.

10:00 am: Noah Fant takes a catch to give the Broncos the first and the eight goal.

9:58 am: Bridgewater finds Hinton to pick up the first and bring the Broncos to the Browns’ 20.

9:56 am: Melvin Gordon clinches a win of three to give the Broncos a first at 33.

9:55 am: Bridgewater leads the Broncos’ offense to open the second half at 21.

Halftime: Browns 10, Broncos 0

9:36 am: The Broncos’ Von Miller falls and limps off the field after an incomplete pass along the Cleveland sideline. Odell Jr. lands on his right shoulder and leaves the field for the medical tent.

9:31 am: The Broncos set off three times on a 41-second trip and push it back. The Browns take over from the 20 with one minute left at halftime.

9:27 am: Harris blocks McLaughlin’s 41-yard attempt and prevents Cleveland from extending their lead to complete the first half.

9:25 am: Beckham Jr. slips and stumbles in his path and forces McLaughlin to attempt a 41-yard field goal.

9:21 am: Shelby Harris knocks Keenum down for the sack and a loss of five yards.

9:17 am: Keenum finds Bryant for a gain of 15 yards on the third down.

9:15 am: Keenum finds Felton Jr. on the line of scrimmage and he races to pick up nine yards.

9:07 am: The Broncos leave at three and are forced to push him back. Felton Jr. returns to Cleveland and allows Keenum to start the player from the 31st.

8:59 am: John Kelly carries out the postponement for the first down at 50.

8:58 am: Browns safety John Johnson III intercepts a pass from Teddy Bridgewater in the end zone to open the second quarter.

First quarter: Browns 10, Broncos 0

8:55 am: McKinley knocks Williams down for a one yard loss to end the first quarter.

8:52 am: Sutton landed a one-handed catch on a Bridgewater pitch to take the Broncos to the Browns 32.

8:48 am: BROWN FIELD GOALS. McLaughlin hit a 52-yard attempt to extend the Browns’ lead. Cleveland leads 10-0 with 3:09 remaining in the first quarter.

8:42 am: Keenum complements to Landry for a first try to push the Browns past midfield.

8:37 am: Keenum finds Landry for the first down after the Browns opened their second practice with a false start penalty.

8:33 am: Sam Martin is coming off for the Broncos after they got three goals in their first practice. The Browns take over from their 23.

8:27 a.m .: TOUCH BRUNS. Ernest Johnson runs it for a four-yard score. He finished the run with three carries for 34 yards. Browns lead 7-0 with 12:20 hours remaining in the first quarter.

8:25 am: Keenum will start from the 35th Browns. He opened the drive with a pass to Jarvis Landry.

8:20 am: The Broncos call tails and lose the toss. Browns choose to receive and will start with the ball.

Which channel are Browns vs. Broncos today?

Fox and NFL Network will simultaneously broadcast “Thursday Night Football” for the remainder of the 2021 NFL season. These two networks will broadcast the game on cable while Amazon Prime will allow users to stream the game.

Most US cable companies offer the NFL network. It is also available through satellite provider DirecTV (channels 212 and 1212) and IPTV providers Verizon FiOS (channels 88 and 588) and Google Fiber (channel 2019).

Meanwhile, viewers in Canada can watch the game on Free DAZN with a 30-day trial.

Browns start time vs Broncos

  • Dated: Thursday October 21
  • Time: 8:20 p.m. ET

The Browns vs. Broncos kick off at 8:20 p.m. ET, concurrent with all Thursday Night Football contests this season. Pre-game coverage will begin at 7:30 p.m. ET on NFL Network and Fox. NFL Network will also broadcast “TNF First Look” on game day starting at 3 p.m. ET for those who want Game 1 of Week 7 to begin.

Streamers will be able to watch the game through Amazon Prime or using fuboTV, that comes with a seven day free trial.

Meanwhile, viewers in Canada can watch the game on Free DAZN with a 30-day trial.

Browns 2021 remaining schedule

The week Dated Opponent Time (ET) Channel
7 21st of October Broncos 8:20 p.m. Fox, NFL Network
8 October 31 Steelers 1:00 p.m. SCS
9 November 7 @Bengales 1:00 p.m. SCS
ten 14 november @patriots 1:00 p.m. SCS
11 21 November the Lions 1:00 p.m. Fox
12 28 november @Ravens 8:20 p.m. NBC
14 December 12 Ravens 1:00 p.m. SCS
15 December 19 Raiders To be determined To be determined
16 December 25th @Packers 4:30 p.m. Fox, NFL Network
17 January 3 @Steels 8:15 p.m. ESPN
18 January 9 Bengals 1:00 p.m. SCS

2021 Broncos remaining schedule

The week Dated Opponent Time (ET) TV
7 21st of October @Browns 8:20 p.m. Fox, NFL Network
8 October 31 WFT 4:25 p.m. Fox
9 November 7 @Cowboys 1:00 p.m. Fox
ten 14 november Eagles 4:25 p.m. SCS
12 28 november Chargers 4:05 p.m. SCS
13 December 5 @Chefs 1:00 p.m. SCS
14 December 12 the Lions 4:05 p.m. Fox
15 December 19 Bengals 4:05 p.m. SCS
16 December 26 @Raiders 4:25 p.m. SCS
17 January 2 @Chargers 4:05 p.m. SCS
18 January 9 Chefs 4:25 p.m. SCS

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