Bet Chicago to break the losing streak (April 27)

Royals vs. White Sox Odds

Royal odds +145
White Sox Odds -175
More less 7
Weather 2:10 p.m. ET
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After dropping the series opener, the Chicago White Sox have now lost eight straight games. They’re looking to right the ship on Wednesday afternoon against the Kansas City Royals and tie the game in this three-game series.

Suddenly, the White Sox found themselves in last place in the AL Central. As frustration mounts, their IT’s revolving door finds them AJ Pollock and sans Eloy Jimenez.

The Royals have no notable injuries although Adalberto Mondesi left Tuesday’s game with an apparent knee injury.

Dylan Cease gets the start for the White Sox as he takes on certifiable space caddy Zack Greinke. It should be fun. Let’s discuss where to find some value.

Is Zack Greinke heading for a negative regression?

Although Mondesi left Tuesday’s game with an injury, he has really struggled so far this season. His -12 wRC+ is the second worst in MLB among qualified players and he managed to do so with a career high BB%.

Speaking of wRC+, four of the last 20 qualified wRC+ players are Kansas City Royals. Whit Merrifield ranks third on this list with a -7 wRC+ and you have to wonder what’s in the water of those fountains at Kaufman Stadium. I guess it’s also the drinking water of the Royals. I could be wrong.

However, Greinke has been giving a vintage performance so far in 2022. And I’m not talking about vintage Greinke because he throws like himself, I mean vintage in that he probably throws as hard as the pitchers used to in the 1940s.

But hi. That works.

This will be Greinke’s first road start and a red flag here is that he really threw on contact. He has just two strikeouts this season, and he’s had the luxury of three struggling offenses at home, which could boost his numbers.

The White Sox in search of answers

The White Sox must listen to Tom Petty a lot because they are… Free Falling!

They’ve had a miserable time, but they’re too talented as a team to lose that much. It’s just a shame for them that the rest of their division has become more talented and they’re actually going to have to work harder to win than they have in recent years.

The White Sox are still a bottom third offense on the wRC+ team and a bottom five offense in runs scored, but a homecoming might be just what they need to get things back on track.

Their offense has struggled at home so far this season, but they may be due to positive regression, or the Laws of Averages, or something, right? They can’t be that bad.

With Cease on the mound, the White Sox should at least be able to keep the Royals off the board. Hopefully that takes the pressure off the attack.

Royals-White Sox pick

The combination of Greinke almost exclusively on contact and a White Sox offense that wants to burst seems like a good combination for a rebound.

Cease is a much stronger pitcher at home and his business has looked very impressive so far this year. Although the White Sox are the favorites, this could be a recipe for a big win.

The White Sox running line is the game here. At the time of writing it was pegged at +130 and it should be strongly considered as long as it is in positive territory.

To take: White Sox RL -1.5 (+125)

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