Banook Canoe Club will be upgraded ahead of international competitions

The Nova Scotia government will spend $4.5 million to upgrade facilities at Lake Banook in Dartmouth in anticipation of several high-profile canoeing events.

“So excited, this is such great news for us here,” said Kim Gaudet, Commodore and Chair of the Banook Canoe Club Board of Directors.

The bulk of the funding – $3 million – is for improvements to the clubhouse, which was built shortly after the club was founded in 1903.

“This money is really going to help us with the infrastructure, making it more accessible for our community and ensuring we’ll be here for another 120 years,” Gaudet said.

Gaudet said priorities include shoring the foundation, which is affected by water flowing into the lake, as well as installing an elevator and accessible restrooms. Improvements will also be made to the boating docks.

Kim Gaudet is the commodore of the Banook Canoe Club. (Pat Callaghan/CBC)

Upcoming international competitions

The club is hosting the ICF Sprint Canoe and Paracanoe World Championships in August 2022 and will be a competition site during the North American Indigenous Games in 2023.

To prepare for this summer’s competition, the Canoe Society ’22 will receive $1.5 million for structural work on the judges’ tower on the lake. It was built in 1988 and plays a major role in local races as well as international competitions.

“It’s a pretty iconic building here on Lake Banook,” Gaudet said, “It really brings the world and the country to Nova Scotia.”

Paddlers Excited

“That money is incredibly useful,” said Alex Canning, 21, a competitive kayaker with the club.

“I’m excited to see how much we can improve the place and how much more accessible we can make it.”

Ian Gaudet, 18, is the commodore’s son. He holds three under-18 national championships in kayaking.

“It’s really great to see a change because it’s been a very important part of my life for most of my life, and it’s great to see investment coming into it, and it will really help the club.” , did he declare. .

Ian Gaudet, left, and Alex Canning. (Pat Callaghan/CBC)

Both paddlers say they are excited about the upcoming international competition in August.

“It’s pretty awesome,” Gaudet said. “We’ve been watching it for many years, seeing our idols paddle… And it’s going to be here.”

Canning was nine the last time the ICF World Championships were held on Lake Banook. He said that this event inspired him to start paddling.

“I remember specific things. I remember [Olympic gold medallist] Adam van Koeverden racing,” Canning said, “and watching the Banook paddlers paddle through this event.”

“Now it’s so cool to think that I’m training to try and qualify to do the same thing,” he said.

Additional sports funding

The province has also allocated $5 million to Sport Nova Scotia to help make sports more accessible to people with disabilities and reduce financial barriers for children and youth who want to play sports.

There is an additional $635,000 to upgrade the Springfield Lake Recreation Center baseball diamond in Middle Sackville.

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