5 Scariest Things Not Shown On HBO’s Series

Fans can finally immerse themselves in the world of Westeros again with the next Dragon House prequel on HBO streaming services next month. A good time to witness the Targaryen dynasty at its peak before its inevitable decline.

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Long duration OBTAINED fans will be eager to watch the cinematic showdown between the Black and Green Civil War factions known as the Dance of Dragons. Whereas game of thrones and Dragon House have and will demonstrate impressive and fearsome creatures, there are things of A song of ice and fire which are decidedly more terrifying. For unknown reasons, these individuals, creatures and horrors were not featured in game of thrones, and maybe it was for the best…

5 Euron Greyjoy

Although Euron made an appearance in game of thrones, some fans of the books noticed that her character arc and personality were toned down. While most avid viewers of the show regard Joffrey or Ramsay as horrific characters, they pale in comparison next to Euron in the books. Euron was responsible for the death of 2 of his brothers and the rape of 2 other brothers in his youth. He knowingly forced himself on another brother’s wife, knowing that the laws of the land would compel his brother to kill said wife for “adultery”. The guy even cut out the tongues of all his crew members, to match the name of his ship – Silence.

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While Joffrey is a cruel job and Ramsay brutally terrorizes others into submission, Euron is certainly more capable than Joffrey and his ambition goes far beyond Ramsay’s. Euron wants to become king and is willing to earn that title through dark magic, as evidenced by the item he acquired (the Dragonbinder) which he plans to use to control the dragons of Danaery. Euron will murder, terrorize, torture and destroy everything to achieve his ends. While other characters in the series exhibit similar traits, they were either unable to perform it in its entirety or had redeeming qualities. Euron, on the other hand, has no redeeming qualities and is fully capable of carrying out his plan for world domination.

4 Lady Heart of Stone

Although she did not make an appearance in game of thrones, Lady Stoneheart is a revived Catelyn Stark without all the qualities of empathy and love. After Catelyn died alongside her son and many Stark loyalists, her body was dumped in a nearby river. The Brotherhood Without Banners eventually stumble upon the corpse, which ultimately leads Berric Dondarrion to lay down his life to resurrect his own, as he was once a loyal servant of Ned Stark.

Catelyn, now Lady Stoneheart rises from the grave and eventually leads the Brotherhood. Her only mission is to get revenge on those who murdered her son at the Red Wedding and she has her men hunt down and slaughter anyone associated with the Lannisters, Freys and Boltons, young boys or not. Looking more like a zombie or even a revenant, Lady Stoneheart’s milky white appearance and deep wounds remain, making her a terrifying sight to anyone in her presence.

3 ice spiders

Ice spiders were legendary creatures said to have been mounts and beasts of the White Walkers and were often mentioned in historical accounts and fables. Rumored to be the size of a dog or larger, they appeared in Westeros during the Long Night, which ended with the defeat of the Night King and the creation of the Wall, the Night’s Watch and the beginnings of House Stark.

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The idea of ​​giant spiders as mounts was seared into the imaginations of the people of Westeros. An example is Sam who remembered the spiders during the retreat from the First Men’s Fist Battle. Perhaps these creatures were best just mentioned and not depicted at all, as they would have been a frightening sight to behold.

2 The Horrors of Valyria

Many fans know part of the story of Game of thrones. The Doom of Valyria is something that has been referenced and alluded to many times in the books and on the TV show. While it’s unclear which specific entities are stalking the ruins of Valyria, the stories, missing persons, and survivor tales still send chills down your spine. However, none are as outlandish as in the case of Aerie Targaryen.

A great-granddaughter of Aegon I Targaryen, Aerie Targaryen who was trapped on Dragonstone which she found cold and stagnant, escaped on the back of Balerion the Black Dread. After being missing for a year, she and Balerion returned to King’s Landing but she was gravely ill and emaciated. Septon Barth, who cared for Aerie, noted in his private diary that Aerie’s fever was so severe that her skin began to resemble pig crackles. This smoke came out of his nose, mouth and nether regions. The Septon even mentioned that swellings were moving under the princess’s skin. That when the princess was lowered into an ice bath, “unspeakable slimy things that made horrible sounds” emerged from under her skin. Luckily things died as they were “creatures of fire and heat”.

Although unsure of the specifics, Barth believed Balerion had taken Aerie to Valyria as he was the only living creature that had known of Valyria before the disaster struck. He believed that Balerion had returned home and these cursed creatures were attacking the princess then. The tale so terrified the Septon and the king that King Jahaerys had Balerion imprisoned in the dragon pit. He also decreed that any Westerosi who visited Valyria would be put to death upon their return.

1 Everything in Sothyros

Sothyros is a large continent located south of Essos and east of the Summer Islands. Known for its jungles and mystery, it’s one of the few places in the world that remains unexplored, and for good reason. The northern regions of the continent are littered with ruined cities while the south remains an enigma.

What is terrifying is that this region is very inhospitable for foreigners. The continent is teeming with strange people known for their cannibalistic ways and dark rituals. The earth is also a breeding ground for terrifying creatures, including large vampire bats, carnivorous fish that enjoy the taste of human flesh, and insects that lay their eggs under the skin. If that doesn’t scare anyone enough, the continent is a haven for horrific and deadly diseases that may not kill instantly but cause immense suffering. Nothing like a continent trying its best to kill someone.

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