2021/22 Women’s EURO Under-17 second round begins on Tuesday

The second round of the new UEFA European Women’s Under-17 Championship, in the style of the UEFA Nations League, will take place from March 8-30 and will decide which seven teams will join Bosnia and Herzegovina in the final from May 3 to 15, while determining promotion and relegation. between leagues A and B.

League A will feature 28 teams, including the seven promoted from League B in Round 1 in the fall. They were divided into seven groups; from these single-site mini-tournaments, the winners will advance to the final and the teams finishing fourth will be relegated to League B for Round 1 2022/23.

League B teams (including seven teams relegated from League A in Round 1) will compete for promotion to League A in six groups. Bosnia and Herzegovina will participate, although their place in the final is assured as hosts.

League A

  • The group winners will join hosts Bosnia and Herzegovina in the final round from May 3-15.
  • Teams finishing fourth are transferred to League B for the 2022/23 first round.
  • Germany won the last edition of the tournament in 2018/19 and seven of the 12 seasons completed.
  • Spain are four-time champions and Poland are the only other winners in 2012/13.
  • Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine are aiming to join hosts Bosnia and Herzegovina in making their finals debut.

Group A1 (March 23-29): Republic of Ireland*, Iceland, Finland, Slovakia

Group A2 (March 10-16): Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary*, Ukraine

Group A3 (March 24-30): Sweden, Norway*, Serbia, Romania

Group A4 (March 13-19): Denmark*, Russia, Greece, Belarus

Russia suspended until further notice

Group A5 (March 23-29): Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Kosovo*

Group A6 (March 24-30): Poland*, France, England, Croatia

Group A7 (March 16-22): Netherlands, Portugal*, Italy, Montenegro


League B

  • The group winners and the runners-up against the teams finishing first and third are promoted to League A for Round 1 2022/23.

League B teams will compete for promotionUEFA via Getty Images

Group B1 (March 10-16): Northern Ireland, Israel*, Faroe Islands, Luxembourg

Group B2 (March 15-21): Wales, Turkey, Latvia, Armenia*

Group B3 (March 8-14): Scotland, Azerbaijan, Albania*, North Macedonia

Group B4 (March 16-22): Bulgaria*, Estonia, Georgia

Group B5 (March 23-29): Switzerland, Lithuania*, Kazakhstan

Group B6 (March 14-20): Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina* (hosts of the finals), Moldova


How round 1 defined the leagues

League A

1st round group winners: Republic of Ireland (Group A1), Netherlands (A2), Sweden (A3), Germany (A4, starter), Poland (A5), Denmark (A6), Spain (A7)

Group second of the 1st round: Norway (A1), Czech Republic (A2), France (A3), Portugal (A4), Russia (A5), Austria (A6), Iceland (A7)

Third in the 1st round group: Hungary (A1), Slovenia (A2), Italy (A3), Finland (A4), England (A5), Greece (A6), Serbia (A7)

Promoted from League B: Belarus (best second), Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine

League B

Relegated from League A: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina (host of the finals), Bulgaria, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Wales

Group second of the 1st round: Lithuania (B2), Estonia (B3), Israel (B4), Turkey (B5), Azerbaijan (B6)

Third in the 1st round group: Luxembourg (B1), Kazakhstan (B2), North Macedonia (B3), Faroe Islands (B4), Latvia (B5), Albania (B6)

Fourth in the 1st round group: Georgia (B1), Armenia (B2), Moldova (B3)

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