10 times the police did nothing in the anime


It’s generally not difficult to empathize with law enforcement in the often odd setting of the anime. In the face of magic, heroes, and world-ending cataclysms, there is little that an officer armed with a weapon can do. But, as Mumen Rider has already proven, even the most helpless person should be able to do something.

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When even the most helpless characters can stand up for something, it’s harder to empathize with law enforcement when they don’t take action, take too long to respond to an incident, or ignore something vital through incompetence. .

ten The Kamino incident was impossible to approach (My Hero Academia)

Rescue of the Bakugo Kamino room

In a world where 80% of the human population has superpowers known as Quirks, it was always going to be an uphill battle to keep the law in control. While the police My hero university generally helped to create a constant sense of peace, they were powerless during the incident in the Kamino neighborhood. With people like All for One and All Might clashing in a devastated city, what could regular cops do?

9 Gang war breaks out in Ikebukuro (Durarara !!)

Anime Durarara

Ikebukuro is a beehive of rival gangs vying for control of the territory. Add to that a mix of dangerous third parties and even supernatural forces, and it’s no wonder the Tokyo police can do very little to help. Gangs like the Blue Squares or the Dollars plan their attacks out of prying eyes, and even when cops spot phenomena like the Black Rider, they can never catch him.

8 Dealing with the battles of Kaiju is a difficult task (SSSS.Dynazenon)

Akane Shinjo had the practical ability to reset time and space after his Kaiju wreaked havoc in SSSS.Gridman. This same convenience is unfortunately lacking in the city of SSSS.Dynazenon, and its citizens are paying the price.

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Frequent battles between Kaiju and Mecha tear the buildings apart, and against the towering power of these beings, the police fail to have any significant impact. They can only hope that the next few days will not see the same chaos.

7 What can the law do against mediums? (Mob Psycho 100)

divine mob psycho tree II

Psychic battles in Mob Psycho 100 may be greater than the affairs of life which bend the laws of nature beyond human comprehension. When everything comes to a head in the final battle against Claw, it’s no surprise that the law couldn’t intervene. Psychic soldiers using their minds to launch trucks caused widespread destruction, and the leftover byproducts of intense psychic battles were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to making the cops feel helpless in this world.

6 Artificial intelligence is the law (Psycho-Pass)

Officers Psycho-Pass are just puppets whose strings are pulled by a greater force into the shadows. Police in the Public Security Bureau can investigate and deal with matters like personal matters, but when it comes to pulling the trigger of a criminal, they are at the mercy of the Sibyl system. The omnipotent AI determines if a suspect is really a criminal and it alone has the power to let a gun be fired. When Sibyl makes this wrong decision, innocent lives are lost and Akane Tsunemori can only remain helpless, gun in hand.

5 Sometimes the law is painfully oblivious (Odd Taxi)

For months, the law couldn’t solve the mystery of a missing girl and had only vague clues to guide them. They failed to find the culprit behind his disappearance, and to make matters worse, the crime was ultimately solved by a humble taxi driver and his associates.

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Hiroshi Odokawa even involved a pair of distant twin police brothers, but their role was primarily in the service of his own plans in a scheme that made civilians and criminals more useful than law enforcement.

4 Police can’t get near Revy (Black Lagoon) shootings

Black Lagoon Revy

Whenever Revy and the gang take out the balls, it’s hard to get in the way. The cast of Black lagoon Often find themselves in the midst of deals gone awry or rival factions seeking to eliminate each other. When unpredictable characters like the psychotic maid Roberta join us, it becomes a recipe for unchecked chaos. Intense shootouts ensue wherever Revy goes, casualties are inevitable and the law is ultimately unable to stop it all.

3 Kayaba Akihiko escaped law enforcement in virtual reality (Sword Art Online)

Technology is powerful, as proven by the death game created by Kayaba Akihiko. The Deranged Genie succeeded in creating a deadly virtual world, but furthermore, he escaped the pursuit of the law for much longer than the game lasted. This is because he entered the game himself, rendering his physical body useless to the law. On top of that, he eventually uploaded his consciousness to the virtual world, ensuring that he could never be held accountable for his actions by anyone except players skilled enough to reach him.

2 Only Legoshi could catch the culprit at Cherryton Academy (Beastars)

Anthropomorphic animals are divided into carnivores and herbivores in a society that always feels on edge. Conflict is always ready to come to the surface, and at Cherryton High School, it did. The murder of an innocent herbivore opened the way to a mystery police were powerless to solve.

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Beyond simply suspecting that a carnivore might be the culprit, the police were unable to stop the crime or catch the killer. When the case was finally resolved by a student called Legoshi, the law seemed even more incapable.

1 When high school students do adult work (assassination class)

If a yellow octopus comes crashing down to earth and threatens to destroy the planet, it must be taken seriously. Korosensei’s demands are only that he must be allowed to train a class of potential young assassins, leaving the Japanese government in a precarious state. Trained adults, including military and law enforcement, must stand idly by and hope that Class 3-E can complete the assassination they were unable to.

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