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Loans for implants, whether dental implants or cosmetic surgery, make an important contribution to well-being. If you want to finance good medical work at low interest, our credit comparison shows how it works.

You should save on the financing costs and not on the quality of the medical treatment or the implant.

Credit for implants – financing offers

Credit for implants - financing offers

Modern forms of treatment allow patients to feel young and fit longer. Implants are becoming increasingly popular both in cosmetic surgery and at the dentist. Regardless of which implantation you are planning, it depends on the quality of the medical service and modern materials. The credit for implants does not save on quality.

Both cosmetic surgeons and dentists often offer not only the treatment, but also the financing of the treatment costs. The flyer is already in the waiting room. The doctor on the Kö or in posh Munich is usually more subtle. For patients who do not have 10,000 USD in the savings account, the consultation help brings in the financing offer.

At first glance, the offers sound a bit like the sales credit for a new car. Even interest-free financing is possible if the special loan for the therapy comes up. Special loan offers for implants from the dentist or cosmetic surgeon are similar. The loan for the dental implant is in greater demand. Hence the comparison with Z | easy.

Special credit for implants – briefly introduced

Special credit for implants - briefly introduced

Z | easy finances the dentist’s own contribution with a maximum term of 72 months, provided the personal creditworthiness is sufficient for the loan. The application is available from the dentist. It must be sent by fax, post or email. Z | easy then checks the credit request. If the preliminary check goes through, the loan application for signature is conveniently sent by post.

After returning the documents by Post-ID, the provider now checks the credit request. In the case of a credit approval, Z | easy settles directly with the dentist. However, dentures are only financed if the executing laboratory is connected to Z | easy. The free choice of laboratory, the implant from Germany and the crown from China are no longer required.

The interest rate can decide whether the loss of the high savings potential through the free choice of laboratory pays off. An implant treatment, 3,000 USD one tooth without complications or 15,000 USD several teeth and bone structure, is expensive. A “normal earner cannot at least afford to accept the offer without interest for 6 months.

Credit comparison – special loan and online offer

Credit comparison - special loan and online offer

Specification: The household budget should pay a maximum of $ 160 per month for payment in installments. A tooth is financed with a contribution of 2,750 USD and up to a maximum amount of 160 USD in monthly installments. Our figures come from the Z | easy rate calculator and a free credit comparison calculator. The loan for implants is financed at an interest rate that is independent of creditworthiness.

The special provider offers us the desired loan of 2,750 USD with a term of 24 months. Monthly payments of $ 124 would have to be made. With an effective annual interest rate of 6.90 percent, the loan costs a total of 226 USD in financing costs.

The online comparison shows an offer from Santander with 1.79 percent APR as an alternative loan. 18 months with a monthly rate of 154.93 USD would be possible as a duration in accordance with our specifications. In this case, the financing costs 38.82 USD in total. For a 24-month term, the rate is 116.71 USD per month. A total of 51.15 USD in financing costs would be borne.

Conclusion: comparison loan for implants 2,750 USD

According to the requirement to pay a maximum of 160 USD per month, the online loan could be paid off in 18 months. The specialist provider does not offer this term. The special offer is 187.18 USD more expensive in a cost comparison. If the loan costs were compared for the same term, the online loan is still 174.85 USD cheaper.

Maximum term – what amount can be financed?

The second credit comparison is about how high the dentist’s bill can be so that the payment in installments is not exceeded. The special offer offers 8,750 USD in credit with a term of 72 months. The provider gives the effective annual interest rate at 9.90 percent. The installment calculator shows the total cost of financing at 2,779 USD.

The free loan comparison would be able to finance $ 10,340 at a monthly rate of $ 160.03 and a term of 72 months. Credit for implants is likely to be $ 1,590 higher without putting more strain on the household budget every month. The effective annual interest rate is given by PSD Bank at 3.69 percent. For the higher loan amount, a total of $ 1,182.11 interest must be paid.

If 8,750 USD are sufficient as a loan for the implants, the DKB leads the loan comparison. The bank calculates 3.89 percent APR with a term of 72 months. The monthly installment is stated by the loan comparison at 136.19 USD. In total, the financing at DKB would cost 1,055.54 USD interest.

Conclusion: credit comparison with a monthly payment of 160 USD

Credit for implants from the specialist provider is, with the same loan volume and term of 1,723.46 USD, more expensive than the comparison offer. Or the other way around, for a monthly payment of 160 USD, instead of the special provider, 8,750 USD could be financed via the free credit comparison of 10,340 USD.

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